Much Ado About Mooncake Tiramisu

With the Tet Trung Thu or Mid-Autumn Festival fast approaching (September 15 – 15th day of the 8th lunar month), I’m in a bit of a mooncake overload.


The office gave us all each a box… errr an octagonal cylinder.

  photo 20130906_113413_zpsb50a5499.jpgI tried as much as I could to persuade chi on the flavors but she only let one of my suggested among the 4 mooncakes in the box.

 photo 20130906_113506_zpse3673f05.jpgThis box cost around 800kVND. And the tiramisu had better be good.

 photo 20130906_115155_zps1d571865.jpg

The box also contained 2 Thap Cam or Mixed Filling. When hubby saw it, he immediately said, “I have mixed feelings about this mixed filling.” I do too. We can only imagine what’s inside. Our nanny gamely answered that it probably had meat and chicken. GRRREEEAT! photo 20130906_113606_zpsd9b6c22f.jpgI haven’t seen this flavor on the last few years we’ve been here in Vietnam but according to this article, it’s been a longtime bestseller. So anyway, on to the tiramisu taste test.

 photo 20130906_113744_zps913c249f.jpgThe above is the tiramisu from New World Hotel while this one below is from Brodard’s —

 photo 20130908_102834_zps65292fd0.jpgWhen sliced, Brodard’s tiramisu looks like this:

 photo 20130908_102925_zpsb182839a.jpgThe verdict? A combination of Brodard’s crust and New World’s filling would produce a better tiramisu.

Brodard’s crust is more glutinous while New World’s was kinda like a siopao’s. But, New World’s tiramisu had more filling just judging from the thinner crust compared to Brodard’s.

So there, whatever you choose, it’s gonna be expensive for sure. 😛

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3 Responses to Much Ado About Mooncake Tiramisu

  1. Had some of Brodard’s Tiramisu and it was sooooo good…but it looks diff. from the pic above. Mine had cream cheese in the middle and had the standard, brown crust. Not sure if it was cream cheese but it tasted like it 😉
    Ive tried most of the mooncakes here in Saigon…so far, Sheraton’s is still the best…pero I’m biased ofcourse, hehe.

  2. Lyra….no more mooncake at Sheraton…just a few more pieces at Mojo, but the boxed ones r sold out na. I think they sold it at 990,000 dong per box of four.

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