EVN Electricity Bill Online

 photo evn_zps13c86b63.pngI don’t like opening my mailbox full of bills BUT you can hardly ignore ’em.

The cable company doesn’t send billing statements anymore and you’d just see a reminder on your TV screen when you open it telling you your bill is due in x number of days.

The nice thing about it is you can pay however many months you want so you don’t have to keep coming back to their service center to pay.

Last month, an agent friend sent me a message telling me that EVN (electricity company) will no longer send out billing statements starting this month. We are to check our statements online and pay via bank or whatever form is convenient.

Yay? Well, I’m all for reducing carbon footprint but unfortunately, the EVN website is not in English. Even my Google Chrome auto translate doesn’t work all the time.

STEP 1: So anyway what you do is get your old billing statements and get your customer number which is MA KHACH HANG in Vietnamese. See above photo where I boxed the information in red. It starts with “PE”. photo Slide3_zps550f91f5.jpgSTEP 2: Then you enter that information in the Log-In and the default password is cmis2012 — I’m pretty sure you can change this.

You will then of course be able to view your Customer Information.

 photo evninfo_zpsbc443f00.png

STEP 3: Click on Payment Information found at the bottom of the Customer Information column. You will be shown the page with the amount you shall be paying.

 photo Slide5_zpsa861e3f0.jpgI’m not sure if EVN will push through with this but it’s the 14th and normally, we receive the billing statement today which is due 5 days after — so that’ll be the 19th. It’s no fun getting your electricity cut. Even if we’d still be getting our billing statements in the mailbox, this is sure good to know in case you misplace the paper.


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11 Responses to EVN Electricity Bill Online

  1. Le Xuan Dong says:

    I use this: https://www.mobivi.vn/san-pham-dich-vu/thanh-toan-hoa-don
    Not sure you can google translate as it is also in Vietnamese 🙂

  2. Gosh. That’s useful. An oddly interesting post. Thanks.

  3. Good to know, although we got ours for this month last week, so maybe it starts next month. In any case, this is something I would not have known about, so my wife and I greatly appreciate the post!

  4. Jay Hughes says:

    It will be interesting to see how poorer citizens will be able to see their ‘on-line’ account using a feature cell handset rather than a smartphone. Additionally, some people require an INVOICE and a RECEIPT with a VAT number on it so they can claim it against their VAT tax account.

    I, alone, in a Q7 apartment during the week (my home wife wife and daughter are elsewhere) and use around 250 kilowatt hours monthly. There are many families who use under 100 kilowatt hours a month – couldn’t believe it. One of my students has his parents, himself and his brother and wife living in ONE HOUSE and a BILL UNDER D100,000!

    There are several TV cable companies (PMH has their own) in TP HCM. Soon there will be much, much fewer as they are being forced to amalgamate. (HD TV coming soon, too) I have never, ever received a bill from my cable company. A couple of years ago when things went bad in the (new) building wiring we decided to hook up to a house over the back fence. People toss the house owner D10,000 a month and he seems very happy!

    Only in VietNam!

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