Food Trip: Hoa Vien

I’ve always raved about Cay Bang in Mui Ne. It’s one of those restos frequently visited by locals and the food is always, always fresh. You can go down to the kitchens and choose your seafood to be cooked. The trouble though is that almost always when we visit (and yes, we only get to visit when there’s a schedule Vietnam holiday which equates to lots of people thinking the same thing), it’s jam-packed! The restaurant has 2 floors by the ocean and its always full of people during holidays. 😦 Plus, the servers don’t speak a whole lot of English.

So last time we went to Mui Ne, we got kicked out of Cay Bang because there were no more tables again. So where did we wander off? Next door to Hoa Vien!!! No need to get on a car when it’s literally the restaurant beside Cay Bang. It’s tons more polished than Cay Bang so it means, the price may be a little bit higher but not to a vulgar degree.
 photo IMG_1301_zpsecea5735.jpgIt’s hard to miss with this classic car out front.

 photo IMG_1302_zpse68d4f85.jpgThe upper floor area is spacious with heavy dining furniture.

 photo IMG_1298_zpsb1047d12.jpgThe lower floor which is affords the sky as its roof beside the ocean is quite spacious as well.

 photo IMG_1299_zps9a1998ea.jpgA view of the upper floor from the lower floor area.

 photo 20130831_192003_zps72295a7e.jpgIt’s a perfect place to dine in and sample Phan Thiet’s fresh seafood and drink beer of course!

 photo 20130831_191957_zpsfbb5b213.jpgIt is primarily a beer place!

 photo 20130831_192015_zpsec8268f7.jpgFirst time we were here, we ordered ribs —

 photo IMG_1265_zpseb877430.jpgand deep-fried fish.

 photo IMG_1269_zpsf94fd705.jpgThe second time, I forgot to take photos. 😦 However, we ordered the same things we crave for in Cay Bang! We ordered the raw fish salad which we wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper with sesame seeds, seafood fried rice, 500 grams grilled shrimp and 500 grams grilled squid! DELICIOUS!

And as I wrote this post, I realized there’s a Hoa Vien in District 1!  I promise I’ll visit that place as soon as my kids have gotten over the flu!

Hoa Viên Phan Thiet
2A Nguyen Đinh Chieu St., Mui Ne. Phan Thiet
Hoa Viên Sai Gon
18 bis/28 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St, Dist.1
(84.8) 38.290.585
Hoa Viên Ha Noi
1A Tang Bat Ho St., Hai Ba Trung Dist.
(84.4) 39.725.088 – Fax:(84.4) 39.724.865

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