Mid-Autumn Festival Dragon Dance

After consuming a number of mooncake, the mid-autumn comes to an end. Although its not a national holiday, the mid-autumn is celebrated with lanterns, dragon dances, and eating of mooncakes. đŸ™‚ photo 20130919_192235_zpsb9ff6fa5.jpgLast Thursday night, to mark the end of the festival, our neigbourhood staged a dragon dance in our promenade.

 photo 20130919_192230_zpsaae87844.jpgThe loud banging of the drummers woke up the entire complex and attracted a huge audience.

 photo 20130919_192310_zpsd41b27fb.jpgMy eldest son loves watching the dragon dance so I called him up to come down to watch. It’s best watched on Daddy’s shoulders.

 photo 20130919_192217_zps4ac94a5c.jpgHe loved it so much that he followed the crowd of people along the promenade until the dragon dancers finished their performance.

 photo 20130919_191843_zpsfb25c2c4.jpgHope you enjoyed the mid-autumn in one way or the other. Or at least stuffed yourself silly with mooncake.

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