My Favorite Vietnamese Food

Initially, I wanted to write my top 10 Vietnamese food. But it was too difficult. I still have to leave out some food that I liked like the caramelized chicken in fish sauce, the hot vit lon in tamarind sauce, sour soup with shrimp (canh chua tom) and the spring rolls. It is no wonder that I can’t find my size in a local dress shop.

Here are my top 12 favorite Vietnamese food (in no particular order) which I crave for in cycles. 😛

1. Goi Cuon

It is the fried spring rolls, fresh counterpart. It is much like the fresh lumpia of my home country which is actually dipped in peanut sauce too — except that our wrapper would be made from egg and flour while the goi cuon’s wrapper is made from rice. I don’t have to go far to find this dish. I just go to La Chuoi Quan right down our apartment.
 photo 20130917_173458_zpsc727f83d.jpg

2. Bun Bo Hue or Pho Bo

I love noodles with soup and beef so it’s a close call between Bun Bo Hue or Pho Bo for me.  So far, Nam Giao’s Bun Bo Hue is yum. But I heard that the Lunch Lady’s version is something worth trying.
 photo 20130603_123813_zps27a83c10.jpg

3. Banh Cuon

My first banh cuon was from Banh Cuon LA. But I really enjoy La Chuoi Quan’s version way better. This is made of rice, pork, tofu, cucumber and fried onions. I order this for 40kVND and this fills me up!
 photo 20130917_173449_zps4b09e3c3.jpg

4. Banh Khot

I’ve tried the Banh Khot from Khoai Restaurant, Co Ba Vung Tau, and Hoa Tuc. I liked  Hoa Tuc’s the best.

5. Cha Ca La Vong

The cha ca fish with dill is really, really good. I hope to visit Hanoi someday and try this Hanoian dish. To satisfy my cravings, I go to Cha Ca Ha Noi or Cha Ca La Vong.


6. Raw Fish Salad

Fish is really a favorite. And I enjoy Vietnam’s raw fish salad wrapped in rice paper and dipped in some sauce that I’m not sure what. 😛 Phan Thiet’s Cay Bang has this on their menu but I like Hoa Vien’s version better.

 photo 20130208_191753_zps65d32776.jpg

7. Banh Beo

This is really pretty straightforward dish. It’s like a rice cake and you just add fish sauce and voila, yum! An Restaurant in District 1 serves this.

8. Tofu with Lemongrass and Chilli

One of the lightest and tastiest tofu in lemongrass and chilli that I’ve ever tasted is that from Cuc Gach Quan. You can never go wrong with this one!

9. Prawn in Tamarind Sauce

Another favorite from Cuc Gach Quan is this prawn dish.
10. Banh Xeo

Co Ba Vung Tau serves the most delicious banh xeo. I just love the mix of veggies in this egg-based wrapper. I remember enjoying this dish too in Phu Quoc.

 photo 20130903_202945_zps3d3db86b.jpg

11. Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab

Again, this delectable meal is best tasted from Cuc Gach Quan. 🙂
12. Che Chuoi

This sweet banana dessert is my favorite dessert in Vietnam. I don’t enjoy the other sweet soup they serve here, except for this. I get my fix from La Chuoi Quan.
IMG_0869How about you?  What’s your favorite Vietnamese dish?


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11 Responses to My Favorite Vietnamese Food

  1. I love Banh trang trang bang — the forest of herbs that arrives at the table is extraordinary. Ban xeo is lovely too.

    Fab post. I’m salivating here in England.

  2. No more photos please it’s too mean ho ho!

    Great blog Lyra. Keeps me in touch with Sai Gon

  3. yousef65 says:

    Being a non-pork eater and having a stomach that goes topsy-turvy with too much MSG, I have to be really careful when eating out in Vietnam, but still I love ‘lau’ (lau bo), pho bo and yes those fresh spring rolls (without pork of course). Fruits, fruits and fruits, ang mura ng prutas sa Vietnam!

  4. yum!!! nice post, lyra! my personal favorites are thit heo kho trung (caramelized pork with eggs), banh khot (wrap n rolll’s version is good too!), bun cha gio thit nuong, ca kho tho…and lately, cha ca la vong 😉
    had vietnamese for lunch yesterday so maybe i’ll eat some more today ! kakagutom!!!

  5. smtluoi says:

    Why you don’t eat cơm tấm (broken rice) 😦 It’s a traditional food of Saigon. I really love cơm tấm, it’s cheap and it can make me full 😛

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  7. Michael says:

    Does any of you have stomach trouble when eating fresh veggies, condiments such as parley, union or basil on the side uncooked??
    What about Ice in drinks?
    Thanks in advance.

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