The Artist Chef Delights the Palate!

I first met The Artist Chef, Joan Manalang when she together with friends were having a garage sale. She prepared her Grapes and Fusilli Medley Salad. TO.DIE.FOR. Just writing about it now makes me want to send her a message to make one for me. 😛

Joan is an advertising professional, artist, and chef. She’s the Chef Operating Officer of Geisha Cafe. Check out my interview with her in HCMC Life.

One time, Joan and I happened to be seated next to each other on the bus home. She showed some neat Chinese takeout boxes. She was talking about using them for packaging.

 photo 20130925_183113_zps3ee189b6.jpg

What for? These yummy Yema Balls!

 photo 1264236_511472965589382_889885098_o_zps20c08df7.jpgYema is a Filipino sweet but Joan’s take of this very sweet delight is completely unique. The Yema is creamy and not too sweet (which is the usual Filipino thing) then coated with cacao, matcha powder, black sesame seeds, almonds, and pistachio.

 photo 20130925_183123_zps5d0ccd06.jpg

Joan’s Aubergine Caviar is a must try too!

 photo 20130925_183154_zpse4ed614f.jpg

To see what Joan is cooking up, check out The Artist Chef Facebook page.

Order now at

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