Food Trip: Con Ga Trong Garden

 photo 20130930_132103_zpsdaa0d1ba.jpgI love chicken. Our family lived on chicken literally as my Dad worked for a poultry farm for the most part of his work life. As a sideline, we’d sell dressed chicken and eggs at home. We even took care of quails at home too.

 photo 20130930_122024_zps348c9592.jpgEarly this week, I was able to try eating at Con Ga Trong Garden found just across Diamond Plaza in District 1.

 photo 20130930_132149_zpsea557ce0.jpgIf I remember correctly, they have an outlet at Vincom A too.

 photo 20130930_132220_zpsef81b537.jpgThere were chickens everywhere!

 photo 20130930_123612_zps140c7d59.jpgWe were served our salad with steamed shrimp with fish sauce-chili dressing. And upon closer inspection —-

 photo 20130930_123835_zps2ebe4df1.jpgI recognized the greens. It was something I’d pull out from garden because it’s practically a weed. In Filipino, it’s called pansit-pansitan or Clear Weed, among its many other names. It’s known for its medicinal benefits. I didn’t know we could eat it as part of a salad. If not for the dressing and the shrimp, I would have had a difficult time eating ’em as it was really bitter.

 photo 20130930_123939_zpsef6ea6e4.jpgNext was the squid in lemongrass and ginger. This is actually pretty good. The color of the squid put me off a bit because it was too white — like it was bleached or something. 😛

 photo 20130930_124321_zpsfab672d0.jpgThe Sauteed Kangkong in garlic is so good. I’ve had my share of this dish in other places but this one tops it I think.

 photo 20130930_124430_zpsf2af3953.jpgThis honey-glazed pork is just delicious! It’s soft and chewy and I couldn’t get enough of this. I honestly could have finished the whole plate. If not for the presence of my office mates, I would have given in to gluttony.

 photo 20130930_130418_zpse2995ae7.jpgWe were served steamed shrimps too. My tummy was absolutely giddy.

 photo 20130930_125727_zps77dc2c0e.jpgAnd of course we also had to have the crispiest, tastiest fried chicken I have ever tried in Saigon. It was served on a bed of fried rice. REALLY YUM! The whole thing was fried to perfection. Every chicken part was eaten except for —

 photo 20130930_131541_zpsdde4e744.jpgCon Ga Trong Garden is housed in a building where you can hold private functions. So if you’re a big group, you can definitely call them up for reservations.

Con Ga Trong Garden
39 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St.,
District 1

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5 Responses to Food Trip: Con Ga Trong Garden

  1. Wow the chicken and pork look lovely! The weed and the prawn look like a high profit dish. I know this restaurant but never went in. May try it later.

  2. Random bit of trivia. That restaurant used to be the Chinese consulate before they moved to their fancy new building on Hai Ba Trung.

  3. Derek higham says:

    Know this place well,would definitely recommend it,we had a few meals here and we’re never dissatisfied,pork is gorgeous,as are the other meats we tried,lovely tranquil setting in water garden,looking forward to going there in February!

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