Food Trip: Mimi

A few months back, a few friends got together for Saturday morning biking in the city. Since I couldn’t really bike (read: CS operation) and I couldn’t possibly bother to wake up at 5:30 in the morning on a Saturday, I just decided that my son and I would join them when they’re back from their morning bike for breakfast. 🙂 Sounds like a win-win solution. I can bike (somewhat on an electric bike) and enjoy the company of our friends. 😀 photo 20130921_072241_zpsf54a58d5.jpgYup, there’s my mommy-bike. Doesn’t look like a serious biker at all. 🙂

 photo 20130921_072255_zps94fe4fca.jpgAnd so, Saturday morning breakfast is for Mimi’s found along Ha Huy Tap St. in Phu My Hung.

 photo 20130921_075608_zps4d9450ac.jpgIt’s housed in a villa turned restaurant. So you can eat inside but most just opt to eat outside. And you can’t imagine the crowd in the morning. It gets quite packed.

 photo 20130921_075623_zps2aaec3b0.jpgThey have a lean but mean breakfast menu.

 photo 20130921_075723_zps88dab136.jpgFor me its the rice noodles soup or bun moc —

 photo 20130921_073033_zps833d2ff3.jpgThe kids love the Mixed Sticky Rice with pork, chicken, and ham —

 photo 20130921_073005_zpsf769c5c7.jpgHaven’t tried their banh mi but hubby says it’s pretty good.

 photo 20130928_074630_zps8e84b123.jpgHowever, with the opening of Dunkin’ Donuts just a street away, hubby is seriously lobbying to move breakfasts at Dunkin’ Donuts instead. 😛

Ha Huy Tap St., PMH, D7
(you’re seriously mistaken if I’d place the exact address here lest you take our spot on Saturdays)

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