Look what’s coming to town in a few…

In the continuing saga of Western food invasion in Vietnam, we’ll soon be seeing Dunkin’ Donuts in Phu My Hung.

 photo 1294563_645107368857411_260758387_o_zps7c099f9a.jpgPhoto by Armi Deticio

Everybody I know are looking forward to DD’s Bavarian Kreme.

 photo bavarian_zpsf55b2310.png

Hubby wants his BLT or Choco-butternut.

 photo chocobutternut_zps068ad06a.png

Me? I just want a choco-butternut. But after seeing the calorie content. I think I’ll just settle for coffee.

 photo butternut_zps63c419b1.png


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2 Responses to Look what’s coming to town in a few…

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  2. kerril29 says:

    I am way too excited for this 😀

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