The Dangerous Liaisons tickets go to…

 photo IMG_3391_zps7cb44aa1.jpgYesterday, I was at the Cargo Bar and was fortunate to be invited to Dangerous Liaisons dress rehearsal and press conference.

 photo IMG_3399_zps1db2e54b.jpgI immediately saw Aaron Toronto and Belinda Shorland getting ready for the 4 scenes.

 photo IMG_3406_zpsd6cb96cf.jpgBut I digress. So who won the most coveted superior tickets?

 photo 20131008_162942_zpsfc96363c.jpgSo first, I had to write down all the names of those who joined in the order that they sent their entries and assigned a number for each.

 photo Screenshot_2013-10-09-06-26-52_zps88cb9175.pngThere were 24 entries that made it to 11:59 pm deadline last night. I received a few more after. Then I asked my son to help me operate this random number generator. photo Screenshot_2013-10-09-06-27-44_zpsa62eede5.pngAnd the winner is lucky number 14 —- photo IMG_20131009_062936_zps8a71eefa.jpgCongratulations CLAUDE MULLER! You will be contacted via email on the details on how to get your tickets!

So what happened on the dress rehearsal?

 photo IMG_3487_zpsb5321ea4.jpg

To be continued…

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