Viet Artisans, postcards, and stamps

I’ve stopped sending postcards via Postrossing more than a year ago because I gave birth and I didn’t have access to a nearby post office. Come February this year, I started working again and the post office was just a block away. But it’s only now after 8 months that I sent my first 5 postcards for this year.

 photo 20131021_080941_zpse6e310df.jpgI found these awesome postcards at the Saigon Flea Market yesterday sold by Vietartisans. Viet Artisans (as stated in their website):

  • Recruit the help of talented local artisans, artists and writers to design products that are original and reflect the richness of the Vietnamese culture
  • Provide FREE training for a group of rural and unemployed women. On top of that, while they are going through their training, we provide a monthly stipend so that they can continue to support their family while they are in school
  • The women make the products by hand and we sell the product to tourists and companies who are keen to learn more about the Vietnamese culture and support local communities
  • All the profit goes back to the school to train assist more people in need

 photo 20131021_080920_zps37409f56.jpgThey also design bags, clutches, wallets, and notebooks.

 photo 20131021_080953_zpsf2a746d7.jpgI knew I had to send them out because Benz tagged me to an FB picture showing a Postcrossing banner last night. 😛 It was like the Universe telling me to send a postcard pronto! Oh well, so I did today.

 photo 20131021_130030-1_zps4def7191.jpgI realized I missed out on a lot of stamps too!

 photo 20131021_130010-1_zps6d34495e.jpgThere even is a commemorative stamp in honor of Rudolf Diesel’s 100th year death anniversary.

 photo 20131021_125959-1_zps5eb3653a.jpgThe Vietnamese orchids and Vietnamese guitar called dan ta lu are also featured in the stamps.

 photo 20131021_125940-1_zps8f8687b1.jpgAnd some fowl creatures. 🙂

 photo 20131021_125916-1_zpsc52158f7.jpg

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