Halloween is here!

So where do you get costumes in Saigon? Well actually, if you drive around the city, there are lots around. There’s Hanah along Pasteur St. But I wanted to visit A2 Shop which was highly recommended by Dani.

So one rainy afternoon, my son and I visited A2 Shop at 107A Truong Dinh St. in District 3. photo moggy_zps58c24896.jpg

Photo grabbed from Dani (I couldn’t have taken a photo because it was raining cats and bats!). photo 20131017_161540_zpsac9a28f4.jpg

My son was wowed with the choices!

 photo 20131017_161531_zpsda9fbaf5.jpgIt’s a costume shop and so it doesn’t just sell Halloween stuff.

 photo 20131017_161526_zps1cbafb6e.jpgBut of course it’s the season, there are lots of scary costumes available.

 photo 20131017_161523_zpsb1531233.jpgThey’ve got costumes for adults as well.

 photo 20131017_160932_zps56f92b21.jpgAnd if you can’t find anything that fits you or your kid, you can have one custom made.

 photo 20131017_160924_zpsc1ab2809.jpgI wanted the butterfly costume on the wall.

 photo 20131017_160918_zpse116368b.jpgThey’ve got broomsticks as well if you’re letting your child be a witch for Halloween (or if you want them to clean their room).

 photo 20131017_160840_zpsd03b3f1b.jpgMy son wanted to be Boboiboy. Can you imagine that? LOL. But I’m glad he decided to try on other costumes that day.

 photo 20131017_160852_zpsb9fb585b.jpgHe ended up with being Peter Pan Robin Hood.

 photo 20131017_161042_zpse642cdde.jpgCostumes cost over 300kVND and though pricey, the material and quality is really excellent. I ended up getting an orange dinosaur costume for my little one too.

A2 Costume Shop
107A Truong Dinh St., D3

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2 Responses to Halloween is here!

  1. Reblogged this on A Love For Vietnam and commented:
    Happy Halloween

  2. Louisa says:

    This shop has moved to 104 Tran Hung Dao. I visited the shop today and was dissapointed. overpriced costumes, not enough sizes, and they were all made of thick fabric, which is really not a good choice to wear in HCMC. You can find cheaper options right around the corner from Lotteria. shop next to 91 Nguyen Thai Hoc. good luck.

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