Food Trip: Master Beef

I love food served on a sizzling hot plate. It takes me back to my university days where I’d queue at my favorite food stall in UP CASAA for my sizzling tenderloin strips. YUM! This is also the reason why I enjoy eating at Pepper Lunch at Vincom A. However, going to District 1 is in itself expensive. So glad that Master Beef opened in My Duc in District 7! photo 20131025_183134_zpse9476cc9.jpgIt’s pretty much like Pepper Lunch and Pepper Steak.

 photo 20131025_183002_zps7257acca.jpgThe sizzling plate as door knob means serious business.

 photo 20131025_183204_zps27ccd29e.jpgWe ordered the Japanese Slices for Sam which was the lowest priced at 99,000 VND.

 photo 20131025_183501_zps8e43b114.jpgHubby ordered the Salmon and Roe at 169,000VND.

 photo 20131025_183519_zps4b9089e1.jpgI ordered the Wagyu and Ramen at 169,000VND as well.

 photo 20131025_183619_zps7f2af97e.jpgYou have a choice between Soya & Garlic and Brown Sauce.

 photo 20131025_183543_zpsabb098c1.jpg

Master Beef also have pasta in their menu.

The verdict? The taste is good. I actually enjoyed my Wagyu. Hubby though didn’t enjoy his Salmon too much. The Japanese Slices at 99kVND was delicious with Brown Sauce — my son finished the whole plate.

Generally the prices is more expensive compared to Pepper Lunch when they have the same concept. And the servings are small or I was just too hungry? The choices is quite different from Pepper Lunch, by the way.

Would I be coming back? I still would. 😛

Master Beef
My Duc, Phu My Hung
District 7

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