Shin Clothes Shop

Along Nguyen Du, I walk by this clothes shop called Shin lots of times.
 photo 20131022_172532_zps9909ba87.jpgIt looked vintage-y and have some classic pieces if you peered into their windows and doors.

 photo 20131022_172509_zpscd62aa54.jpg

And I’d often see promotional discounts so I was kinda curious. But… I’m far from the Vietnamese woman size so I rarely dare step in such boutiques.

 photo 20131022_170442_zpsd9e9f4b1.jpgThat day, they were offering 30% discount and so I decided to check it out. They have lots of really beautiful leather handbags.

 photo 20131022_170459_zps982506bb.jpgThe shop may be small but every corner is filled with one-of-a-kind items and I actually liked their clothes.

 photo 20131022_170510_zps39752043.jpgI’m a sucker for leather goods too but that day wasn’t that day.

 photo 20131022_170518_zps28c340ee.jpgThe clutch bags were pretty in person.

 photo 20131022_170612_zps6566aac3.jpgThe most surprising of all is that they carry my size!!!

 photo 20131022_170550_zpsd4beeef9.jpgThese camera straps were really nice. Good idea for gifts!

 photo 20131022_170606_zpsf6ad536f.jpgSo there, do try visiting Shin. It’s a real inspiring shop if you just want to look and see beautiful items. And if you’re Asian but not Vietnamese, I’m pretty sure you’ll fit into their designs.

 photo 20131022_172519_zps009373c5.jpgShin
177 De Tham, District 1
53A Nguyen Du, District 1
122 Ly Tu Trong, District 1
M: 0909352369
FB: Shin Shop 

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2 Responses to Shin Clothes Shop

  1. Jeanne says:

    I found this store, also in 2013, I bought 2 pairs of linen/ cotton pants and would love to replace them, however have not had much luck with their website. I live in Canada and would happily pay for shipping.

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