Food Trip: Pizza 4Ps

 photo 20131031_115615_zps995d2f6f.jpgI think I’m one of the few people who hasn’t tried Pizza 4Ps in Saigon (And I didn’t realize too how badly my photos turned out so apologies on this.).

Thanks to Kat I was finally introduced to the place. I don’t think I would have found the place easily without help. Kat insisted that there was a sign out front along Le Thanh Ton St. — but really I didn’t see any. I was quite hungry when we got there this morning so I just followed Kat blindly into the alley by Domino’s Pizza and voila, Pizza 4Ps!

 photo 20131031_115758_zps5c61e74c.jpg

The place had a cavernous feel with the marbles but the purple theme going on with the furniture and warm lights make the restaurant feel very welcoming.

 photo 20131031_121540_zps998b675e.jpgSince it was just Kat and I, we were seated by the round table where the Japanese chef was busy preparing the pizzas.

 photo 20131031_123530_zps890eb226.jpgI was literally an arm’s length away from the oven.

 photo 20131031_123536_zps300e8811.jpgBest seat in the house! But honestly, it IS difficult to book a place here. It gets pretty packed during lunch and dinner. If you want to come here, BOOK EARLY!

 photo 20131031_120305_zps72952ee2.jpgWe had the house salad with Honey Mustard. We thought of our friend, Ria as we ate. We just knew she’d love this!

 photo 20131031_120828_zpsc53dc3e2.jpg

The Clam Chowder is simple but man, so tasty! It’s just a bowlful of soup but it was quite heavy. We had to hold off the lasagna Kat ordered because she also ordered Spaghetti! Who orders spaghetti and lasagna? Well Kat does. 😛

 photo 20131031_122021_zps18b74f42.jpgI didn’t get to take the photo of the spaghetti on its original dish. The tomato and mascarpone tasted fresh and just d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.

We felt (well, I felt) that Kat ordered too much when we were sharing our table with a group of statuesque women who ordered a veggie fondue. 😛 Seriously?

 photo 20131031_122726_zps3afac4c7.jpgWe felt instantly better when we saw them being served with a Prusshuo Pizza laden with Italian Parma Ham. LOL. Our pizza was a half Burrata and half Shrimp Ricotta Pizza. The mozzarella on the Burrata is sooooo gooooood! Methinks I’ll get the 4Ps Mozzarella from the grocery now. And yes, Kat is right the SRP tastes refreshing for a pizza.

 photo 20131031_121441_zps6848e89d.jpgHonestly, our meal could have served 4. 😛

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! And the staff? They’re absolutely very attentive!

Pizza 4Ps
8/15 Le Thanh Ton Str – Dis 1- HCMC
Best to call before visiting!


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