Ngan Thong Paper Shop

If you want to buy books, go to a bookstore. If you want to buy papers, well, find a paper shop. Kinda miss National Bookstore in the Philippines which has everything. If it could probably sell food, it would. Some shops like PNC and Fahasa have paper in stock but not as huge compared to Ngan Thong along 55A Pasteur St. in District 1.

 photo 20131105_133346-1_zpsc34bf408.jpgIt’s one of my happy places in Saigon.

 photo 20131105_133327_zps7bb463f1.jpgIt’s brimming with paper goodness and knick-knacks.

 photo 20131105_130714_zpsac6ce725.jpgThe ribbon options is just phenomenal. I spend hours just deciding.

 photo 20131105_130643_zpsae64cb2e.jpgI usually come with an idea of what I want and go home with more than what I need.

 photo 20131105_124529_zps94a9e224.jpgThe wrapping paper section reminds me of Binondo, Manila where I used to get my stash.

 photo 20131105_124428_zpsfba2a6ad.jpgJust by visiting, I get lots of ideas on what would be a good project to work on.

 photo 20131105_124417_zps44b43705.jpgIt’s literally filled from floor to roof. So better be careful going round the aisles.

 photo 20131105_124538_zps6dbef191.jpg

Am just hoping my project will come out okay.

 photo 20131105_124421_zpsef87302d.jpgNgan Thong sells a lot of arts and craft items, tools, glues, boards, craft stockings, paints, bracelet and necklace chains, and a whole lot more! Been coming to this place since a few years ago and it never disappoints.

Ngan Thong
55A Pasteur St., D1

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4 Responses to Ngan Thong Paper Shop

  1. stephanie says:

    i know what you mean when you say you wish there was a National Bookstore here. thats what popped into my head as well before. Also i wish there was an ace hardware/ true value. great blog! stumbled upon it while searching for places to eat in in saigon.

  2. Pablo says:

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