Happy 3rd Birthday Hello Saigon!

 photo PhotoGrid_1384260665842_zpsf9075aa7.jpgI know this post is one day late but better late than never!

It was a hectic weekend and the start of the week started out in a whirl as well so I’ve only gotten to have a mini-celebration for Hello Saigon today.

Hello Saigon began as a journal of sorts for our family. In truth, I wanted to record what we see and experience in Saigon for my eldest son. He was just 10 months old when we came to Vietnam and I doubt he’ll remember his days here. So what better way to immortalize our stay in Saigon but through a blog. Now, I may write for you (thank so you so much for visiting this blog!) but I draw inspiration from my two sons (now). It’ll be great to look back at our years in Saigon through Hello Saigon.

And if you don’t know it yet, we’re holding a special anniversary giveaway. As a way of saying thank you and promoting those who have made this blog pretty awesome as well.

 photo 20131112_125900_zps0a135173.jpgOne of our sponsors is AO Show Saigon who is giving away free tickets to their awe-inspiring show!

Don’t miss out on Chef Scott of Scott and Binh’s dinner for two, Lucky Dog‘s beer and hotdogs, Caroline Istas‘ Travel Logbooks, and Vietnam Bike Tours‘ Saigon Countryside half-day tour for two!

Again, thank you so so much for visiting Hello Saigon!

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