Where to Get Bike Accessories Online?

 photo 20131116_124009_zps5ab6208d.jpgIt is no secret that the cab fare in Vietnam is quite high and for a commuter like me, biking is a terrific alternative especially for doing errands around the neighborhood. Biking has also become a weekly bonding session with family and friends. We just didn’t think that we’d be spending a lot on accessories. LOL.

So instead of physically going to a shop to buy accessories because it can really be tiring going in and out of stores in the city, a friend recommended an online shop, Shinary. There is no one big mall where you can find everything (Paging the Sys and Ayalas of the Philippines!).

There was a bit of a trouble getting the orders to our place but all is well that ends well.

Shinary products include most outdoor equipment. Had we known this, I wouldn’t have bothered going to Vo Thi Sau for those bike helmets. I would have saved precious cab fare on this. :/ Their prices are reasonable too compared to more popular brick and mortar bike shops in the city and if you’re not too picky with brands. ūüėČ


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5 Responses to Where to Get Bike Accessories Online?

  1. Yen Phan says:

    I bought the bike accessories here http://shopphuongnguyen.com/xe_dap, they do offer delivery to your place with some shipping fee

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