Let’s Outrun Cancer! Join the Terry Fox Run!

 photo 860422_10153471094310468_940153982_o_zps1575c592.jpgSince we’ve come to Saigon, we have always tried to join the Terry Fox Run. This is the 3rd time we shall be joining. I missed the 2011 because I was pregnant.

 photo 1456041_10152363665212646_390939721_n_zps714a3dbd.jpgSo the Terry Fox Run is happening this Sunday, November 24 at the Crescent Area. The run starts at 8am. You can still register at 7 am on the same day. For more information check the The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam website. We registered and got our shirts at the Saigon South International School in Phu My Hung.

If you don’t want to run, please consider donating to the cause!

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  1. Kay Y. Orr says:

    When he began training, he kept his dream a secret. He told his family he was training for the Vancouver Marathon. The beginning was tough. He spent most of his time falling down and picking himself off the floor. He kept going, though, and after more than a year, and over 4,800 kilometres of running, he announced his plans to his family.

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