Online Shop Review: Phuong Nguyen

 photo 20131122_180200_zps3b65eb0a.jpgAt the advice of Yen Phan (Hi Yen!), I tried checking out Phuong Nguyen Shop. This bike addiction is getting more expensive than I anticipated. 😛

Their product list is pretty extensive. You can actually build your own bike from their shop.

Two days after placing my order via their website, I still haven’t heard from them. At Yen’s advice, I called them up. Seems like they don’t check their emails a whole lot. So anyway, after calling them up yesterday and finalizing the order (READ: out of stock items), they were able to deliver yesterday afternoon as well to my doorstep. So a word of advice, if you’re going to order from them, better place a call too. They speak both English and Vietnamese.

They’re pretty efficient after that. Stuff that were not available online, they just sent me a photo through Viber. Delivery fee is plus 50,000 VND. Their delivery guy doesn’t speak English so that can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t give proper directions to your place.

Happy shopping!

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