Terry Fox Run 2013

 photo 20131124_080140_zpsed9c12d0.jpgThis morning we joined the Terry Fox Run 2013 at the Crescent Area. We’ve been joining since we got here in Vietnam except for the year when I was preggers.

 photo 20131124_080624_zpsea51dc1d.jpgThe unforgiving Saigon sun was beating hard on us, but the runners, walkers (not the The Walking Dead), scooter-riders, roller bladers, and bikers, trudged on!

 photo 20131124_080724_zps7c978375.jpgIt was actually a great day. Blue skies and all.

 photo 20131124_081122_zps48c1a69d.jpgThe Terry Fox Run attracted companies, schools, families, and individuals — and pets too!

 photo 20131124_081135_zps27254cbe.jpgWe were thinking of riding our bikes but we couldn’t figure out how to bring our 1 year old. It’s his first time and he was absolutely livid at the start of the race with so many people. He calmed down when there was more space to move around.

 photo 20131124_0837541_zps9724938b.jpgInitially, we just wanted to get past the bridge from Crescent and walk back to the starting point because we didn’t think our 5 year old can manage to finish the whole thing. But it was his idea to finish the whole run. Yeah, because he figured he can finish it on Daddy’s shoulders. 😛

 photo 20131124_081150_zps7f884c68.jpgAlong the way, we saw lots of students holding signs with, “You can do it!”  And towards the end, there was a sign, “Almost there!” It does lift the spirit. But an ice cream cone wouldn’t hurt too!

 photo 20131124_083853_zpse934813b.jpgDunkin’ Donuts was the popular pit stop for the race as they were on Buy 6 Get 6 Free promo. S0 it was not unusual to see runners and She Who Must Not Be Named, running away with a box of donuts! 😛

 photo 20131124_084928_zpsbd9491e7.jpgWe were at the finish line in no time. 🙂 We started at 8 am and ended a little before 9 am.

 photo 20131124_132007_zpsc4ea7518.jpgIt’s Sam’s second Terry Fox Run and this time, I had to explain to him why we were joining. I hope he understood because the big C is something very real to our family.

This one was for you Dad!

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