Holland Village

 photo 20131123_164409_zpsc1222b07.jpgIf you’re wondering what happened to 23/9 Park in D1 in front of Ben Thanh Market, it’s now turned into a little Holland Village.

 photo 20131123_164411_zps9256a4ee.jpgIt opened last Friday, 22 November and will end on 1 December featuring different aspects to life in Holland and of course booths sponsored by Dutch companies. Dalat Hasfarms turned the place perfectly resplendent with beautiful flowers abloom.

 photo 20131123_164421_zps369512a9.jpg

We went last Saturday just a few minutes after the opening and there was many people milling around. There is no entrance fee. photo 20131123_164529_zpsd8238a42.jpg

It seemed huge from the outside, but the village seemed small with the number of booths and people, I guess. photo 20131123_164554_zpsd5b67863.jpgWas wishing there would be windmills. Hehe.

 photo 20131123_164644_zpse47902a9.jpgThe food did not disappoint though!

 photo 20131123_164811_zps1cd5c5ff.jpgI think I want to go back to try the food again.

 photo 20131123_164834_zps48bb1d93.jpgEven Vincent Van Gogh has his own booth. πŸ˜›

 photo 20131123_164848_zps6d0d8ca8.jpgSam recognized Van Gogh’s Starry, Starry Night and wanted his photo taken right next to it.

 photo 20131123_164925_zpsddf79638.jpgCouldn’t resist getting this.

 photo 20131123_165001_zps87740045.jpgThe kids had a fun time posing at The Gallery.

 photo 20131123_170945_zpsc63fcf3c.jpgMore photo opportunities by the front.

 photo 20131123_171557_zps9fb17da8.jpgHolland Village is open from 4:30 PM to 9:30 PM only. πŸ™‚ There are games for kids too so kids won’t be bored in this place for sure.

 photo 1403612_671371612897653_1937913947_o_zpsd869b1cc.jpg

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4 Responses to Holland Village

  1. Tanya Do says:

    I also went there yesterday, such a fun fair. Love the raw herring and funny dance of the Dutch Lady team

  2. which means it is still available, isn’t it? May be I’ll drop by on Saturday :X

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