Exploring Saigon

Vietnam Bike Tours®

With Saigon’s natural flat terrain, getting people to join on biking expeditions is not a big problem. The problem is finding a challenging terrain to keep your group interested and on their toes — or on the pedal for that matter.
A new group of expat bikers from District 7 (who for the purpose of this interview we shall call Saigon Explorers) have started their weekly bike run within the city. Although they’re not new to the city as they’ve lived here for around 4 years, it is only recently that they’ve gotten to know the streets of Saigon from the back of their bikes.
We sat down with one of their members, Marlon Yu.
Vietnam Bike Tours (VBT): How did your group started? How do you choose your routes?
Saigon Explorers (SE): When we started, we just went around the district — going through routes that we were already…

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