Good finds at the SSIS Charity Bazaar

Bright and early on Saturday, we headed to the SSIS Charity Bazaar.
 photo 20131130_101522_zpsf84bce4d.jpgWe’ve been going since 2009 and there’s always nice items at very good prices!

 photo 20131130_101601_zps5c461252.jpgYup! That’s a water cooler cover!

 photo 20131130_102629_zps787316de.jpgBooks for 20,000 VND! Even the hardcovers!

 photo 20131130_101416_zpsc77aa6b4.jpgVietnam Vespa Adventures came to talk about their services. I am convinced. But I need to convince the hubby and friends.

 photo 20131130_193751_zps1a1bd875.jpgMy goal for the bazaar is to get postcards and Christmas cards. And yup, these were my first buy of the day.

 photo 20131130_090636_zps28b6b585.jpgPostcards from Global Village Momentos ( Their designs are awesome! And yes, I bought Sharpies from them too!

 photo 20131130_091313_zps4ada03af.jpgVery Ngon Homewares was there too. Their fabrics are unique and beautiful. Great idea for gifts!

 photo 20131130_091407_zps2591d706.jpgThis shop is delightful. They have magnet boards, cake bags, and lap tables that have cushions! Terrific idea!

 photo 20131130_091423_zps8d10fb81.jpgI would have loved to get a basket from this but I was driving a bicycle. 😦

 photo 20131130_091500_zps9ae71560.jpg

More beautiful fabric turned into clutch bags. Verrrry pretty! photo 20131130_091512_zps8a9721e4.jpgPeaceman Vietnam brought their tees. Part of their proceeds go to two orphanages.

 photo 20131130_092217_zps09bf5a8f.jpgFinally met Bridget March! Her watercolors are just inspiring! I had to get Christmas cards from her. Now I’m regretting I didn’t buy her postcards. 😦  photo 1463196_676496185718529_180048327_n_zpsc8176460.jpg

Another good find is the Artful Gallery.

 photo 20131130_092643_zpsa81bf5ba.jpgThe photography is just amazing!

 photo 20131130_094227_zps426293b1.jpgThey’ve got a shop in Nha Trang and they’ll be opening a shop soon too in Saigon.

 photo 20131130_100047_zps08857324.jpgAnother must try is the La Petite Epicerie. The fruits of the jams are all sourced within Vietnam, then processed and cooked by French chefs in Saigon. We love the Pineapple Cinnamon and Mango Ginger!

 photo 20131130_093601_zps12da0a60.jpgAnother thing I regret is not buying more candles from  Linhtinh. Their candles are affordable!

 photo 20131130_093543_zps91de5d82.jpgAnother unique find is this shop selling cinnamon Christmas ornaments! They smelled like Christmas! I’m sorry I didn’t get their contact number. 😦

 photo 20131130_092713_zps28e226a6.jpg

Got a cinnamon candle here too. Now I wish I bought the dragonfly rope for the tree. Sigh. photo 20131130_093610_zps44963b37.jpgProducts by Playful Sweets by Ms. Lisa Featherstone were lovely! Sometimes I wish I have a baby girl for these stuff —

 photo 20131130_093649_zps7610ac27.jpg

If you want to buy a non la or the Vietnamese conical hat — photo 20131130_093816_zpsb5644ac9.jpgThere were lots more to see and buy but sadly, I didn’t have much cash on me.  😛

 photo 20131130_092546_zpsfff89332.jpgThank God the bazaar only happens once a year or else, I’d always be broke. Sam wouldn’t be happy going to bazaars all the time as well.

 photo 20131130_093716_zps0c6b91e1.jpgYup that’s him in the middle of the bazaar trying not to be bored. Boys.

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