Back in Le Sable!

 photo 20131106_074952_zps90ec9dfa.jpgCouldn’t resist to make my own post on Le Sable. The kids have been having a good time every now and then in this cafe.

 photo 20131109_090517_zps2ceb5e78.jpg

Well, actually, they’ve been going a whole lot. Luckily though, Le Sable is offering vouchers – 10 vouchers for 500,000 VND or 20 vouchers for 800,000 VND. Each voucher allows your child 1 hour of absolute fun! šŸ˜›

 photo 20131109_090521_zpsf1dc1e76.jpgThe sand pit is a hit with the kids and honestly, Le Sable has become quite popular for playgroups so it’s not unusual to see a group of moms with their kiddos during early mornings.

 photo 20131109_090527_zps2685886b.jpg

There’s a place for small kids and big kids to play.
 photo 20131109_090857_zps6abb19b2.jpgAnother favorite is the train station.

 photo 20131109_091835_zpsf8e15b63.jpg

There’s a reading corner too!

 photo 20131109_094952_zps4b955e82.jpg

Rafa likes playing grocery but has mistaken the barcode reader for a phone! šŸ˜€

 photo 20131109_095402_zps9497e92a.jpg

I’m really digging the breastfeeding/diaper changing room. Rafa has been using it as his secret play place.

 photo 20131109_090535_zps87f1c3fc.jpgMy favorite drink here is their Lemonade or Mocha Latte. Ricky, the owner mans the coffee station and cashier. He’s also the cafe’s photographer. Le Sable is his wife’s idea and concept.

 photo 20131109_090547_zpse3bc7118.jpgFor me, this is my favorite part of the cafe —

 photo 20131109_090925_zpsa386bc69.jpgWhat’s nice is that Le Sable have attendants that really take care and entertain the kids. You can really sit back, enjoy your coffee, and read a book without worrying what your kids are up to.

 photo 20131109_100318_zpsaf2b5add.jpgLe Sable is open from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm.

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4 Responses to Back in Le Sable!

  1. Cool. Seems there’s quite a few places like this that cater to kids and their mums here. Good to see.

  2. robert says:

    this is one of the best places to take small kids. The owner is kid friendly and always updating his place. The staff as you mentioned are attentive and friendly.

  3. Julie says:

    Hi there
    I saw the address but I could not know the way to come, I couldn’t find your contact number .
    Please give me your contact number , if possible
    Thanks !

    • Lyra says:

      Go to Sky Garden 3 and up the stairs in front of Queenland Mart. Then walk to the end of the promenade. It’s at the last building to your right.

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