Meeting the Duo behind The 7 Studio

 photo 20131109_153349_zpsaed9124e.jpgMid this year, I became acquainted with the shop, The 7 Studio.

 photo Cover-Oi-December-2013-724x1024_zpsb4580003.jpgAnd with this month’s Oi Magazine’s issue, I was lucky to have gotten to know the brains behind this unique shop for the shopping cover story. The story behind the cover shoot is something worth reading. So head on to photographer, Adam Robert Young’s page.

 photo 20131108_170926_zpsb06ac4ca.jpgBoth interior designers by profession, Ho Thi Phuong Hien (Anna) and Pham Lam Hai Dang (Danny) decided to open shop in late 2012 after a stint as designers for another company.

 photo 20131108_170931_zps45af6f16.jpgThe 7 Studio is not only a shop of one-of-a-kind modern finds in Saigon, but the duo also continues to design homes, shops, hospitals, and even resorts.

 photo 20131108_170954_zpsea5f8af0.jpgSome of their products they source from abroad but the majority are proudly Vietnam made.

 photo 20131108_171006_zps05e3283e.jpgIt takes at least 3 months to do R&D for their products prior to launching.

 photo 20131108_171010_zpsa2725296.jpgTheir bedsh eets are 400 thread count, 100% imported cotton from Sweden or Korea.

 photo 20131108_171022_zpsc207c489.jpgWhen designing, they keep the youth in mind and a marriage of what is natural and modern.

 photo 20131108_171028_zps77e10345.jpgTheir shop in Sky Garden 1, Phu My Hung, District 7 may be small but sure enough it packs a whole lot of products

 photo 20131108_171034_zps948297f9.jpgThey also design furniture so they know how to manage space superbly!

 photo 20131108_171052_zpsdc81653f.jpgFrom chinaware to linens, there is something that will surely make your home more beautiful from The 7 Studio.
 photo 20131108_171057_zps13e46ed4.jpg

Do visit as they’re open 7 days a week form 1 – 9 pm. photo 20131108_171104_zpsa6896297.jpgThinking of getting their interior designing services? You can call up Danny at 0938301747.

 photo 20131108_171247_zps7b41190f.jpg

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