68 Cents Lunch

After a very stressful week at work, my colleague asked me if I want to go out for lunch — to which I readily said, “YES!”

She said we’d be sitting on the streets. I shrugged and said, “Sure!” I kinda had an idea where she was going to to take me. And true enough, we went to the lunch lady serving her piping hot canh bun at the corner of Nguyen Du and Hai Ba Trung — right across the prestigious Intercontinental Hotel. 🙂

 photo 20131213_122540_zpsf29cf565.jpgI’ve always seen a huge crowd by this area and have seen my colleagues eat here but I haven’t tried it out myself. With the number of people eating here every single work day, I didn’t feel any trepidation about trying out the soup myself.

 photo 20131213_124440_zps6fb2133c.jpgAnd I was treated to a real filling spicy hot soup!

 photo 20131213_122800_zpsb01d6be6.jpgIt had Vietnamese ham, kangkong, tomato, tofu, pig’s blood,  shrimp paste and chili! Odd combo on the paste but it was just the what this soup needed.

 photo 20131213_122749_zps11eddb63.jpgThanks chi!  I thought this would cost me 50,000 VND but I heard wrong. Chi was telling me it was just 15,000 VND! Methinks I’ll be back here again.

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5 Responses to 68 Cents Lunch

  1. noelleisme says:

    Oh, how delicious! Though I hate shrimp sauce, but I think it’s nutrition for us ^^ 15k is ok for a yummy lunch! We say Ngon, Bổ, Rẻ 😉

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