Hong Kong in Saigon

 photo IMG_20131214_163259_zps144a2c64.jpgOn a visit to Cho Lon a few weeks back, we came upon Hong Kong. This small cafe is run by a Chinese immigrant named Lam. He has been in the country for 20 years.

 photo IMG_20131214_163636_zps3e8f96f7.jpgI was ecstatic to find out that he only knows very little Vietnamese although having lived here for 2 decades. There’s still hope for me!

 photo IMG_20131214_163651_zps5c48b036.jpgHe has a food display by the sidewalk so that passersby and motorists can just stop, buy, and go.

 photo IMG_20131214_163351_zpsc40f17d4.jpgWhat piqued our interest is the banh flan served in egg shells!

 photo 20131214_190105_zps71384b4c.jpgAnd I have to say their mocha frappuccino is really, really good!

 photo IMG_20131214_165137_zpsd2e4c610.jpgI wanted to try it because it says Star World on it. LOL. They can deliver if you’ll order a lot. 😉

Hong Kong
354 Tran Phu, P.7, Q5

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2 Responses to Hong Kong in Saigon

  1. Jemma Jones says:

    Ooh! I will save that address! Many thanks for sharing!

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