A Bird Tale

One day, our nanny came home with…a parrot. Yes. A parrot.

It was no trouble really because the kids love to have pets. The trouble was, it came in a cage made of really thin sticks. And before we knew it, it got out of the cage. Lucky for us, it got stuck amongst our  mineral  water bottles. So you can just imagine how that afternoon went — Operation: Catch the Parrot. And of course, find a dang cage!

 photo image-025179c82ea792addc78fa8c429f023e8fcf23daad87af2414b91dc557f16e31-V_zps6ad00281.jpg

That same afternoon, we found ourselves at District 5. photo image-09fde32de4bae82dd6739b72977288b822136eb6c893cbd5d24957e8531c49e0-V_zps89ecb2d7.jpg

Good thing we chanced upon the Hong Kong Cafe whose owner was also taking care of some birds. He told us where to find some cages.  photo image-0840b9be3c81792222cb07a138109f2a3af89d80678e235e77eb04b9bc4bf21d-V_zpse26d4a5a.jpg

The bird shop was teeming with birds and crickets!

 photo image-218e826c69c5897d787cd182b34635a9698e9cbce289db60a3861ae878198fb6-V_zps142e5bb1.jpg

And worms! *shudders*

 photo image-d698ea9dac3b50b8ed2ffdaf58f3bf7ea0991e6bcc8ee51477e17a01684902e2-V_zpsb6f725ac.jpg

Oh and they’ve got hamsters too!

 photo image-cc9f9b80ab57cdee98f92a7d9d17b2fb75aecb602ca29c22bb1c721c1231b8cc-V_zpsb83e5813.jpg

But we were just glad to pick a bird cage. photo image-cb845eb3fe76259287b847db4094d840061ef23577707c162de4ac09ace2c823-V_zps2b75b35e.jpg

I think our parrot, Jojo, was happy of the cage too after spending most of the afternoon under an upside down laundry basket in the toilet. 😛 Talk about animal cruelty.

 photo 20131215_111753_zps330f8845.jpg

If you’re looking for a bird shop, drop by 386 Duong Le Hong Phong, D5. It will not disappoint.

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2 Responses to A Bird Tale

  1. Jemma Jones says:

    Hamsters look so cute!! Thanks for sharing this info; added to my list of places to go to.

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