Saigon Gift Ideas

I know it’s way past Christmas, but just want to share these three good Christmas gift finds in Saigon.
 photo 20131224_133133_zps71d68ba3.jpgThe Artist Chef‘s Aubergine Caviar. Just spread on your favorite bread or pasta, voila! So lucky Joan Manalang, the chef, lives right across my building.

 photo 20131221_154125_zpse1400702.jpgLa Petite Epicerie‘s fruit spread! I first got acquainted with them at SSIS Charity Bazaar last November.

 photo 20131130_100047_zps08857324.jpg

And last but not the least… photo 20131221_154149_zpsad191964.jpgDried fruits elegantly bottled by Namxanh Joint Stock Company. I just call them up and they deliver right to your doorstep. Call them at (08) 22 114 115.

Happy holidays!

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