Food Trip: Eon 51

I’m quite allergic to really expensive restaurants that does not meet the expectations of the palate. I mean if you’re gonna pay much, might as well pay for something that will absolutely make your mouth water.

Before Christmas, it was our 9th year anniversary and hubby brought me to Bitexco Financial Tower. I honestly thought we were going to eat at Hoang Yen Seafood Buffet so I was perplexed when we met a guy in black by the reception area who ushered us to the elevators at the back. *scratches head*

 photo 20131223_191627_zps9e4b3ec5.jpgWe went up the 50th floor and took another elevator to the 51st— and voila, Eon 51!

 photo 20131223_191438_zpscea44bed.jpgMy husband is not a cheapskate! Yay!

 photo 20131223_181203_zpse56f455a.jpgEntrees start at over 500,000 VND!

 photo 20131223_180316_zps171dd6e4.jpg

The place was dimly lit perfect for dates. photo 20131223_180859_zpsab688f38.jpg

Appetizers complements of the chef. photo 20131223_181531_zps8d801c1f.jpgWe had lobster for starters. Don’t ask me what it’s called coz I don’t remember! But it was divine (*cringe* I know that’s hardly a word in my vocab) because it melts in your mouth!

 photo 20131223_183122_zps15856365.jpgWe had mushrooms for a side dish. Sorry for all the blurry photos by the way.

 photo 20131223_183114_zps79342894.jpgI had the salmon.

 photo 20131223_183147_zps3b448f6b.jpgAnd he had the lamb.

 photo 20131223_190607_zps8579236b.jpgEon 51 has desserts in their menu but none at that time that we really liked BUT they gave us a complimentary dessert which was actually very good!

 photo 20131223_182426_zps10610b0c.jpgThe staff was awesome and made our evening really enjoyable. But, check your bill before you pay. Since we had two servers, I think they messed up our bill. We were underbilled. We had to point out missing orders. πŸ˜›

 photo 20131223_180517_zpsd16d4c44.jpg

The best part about eating in Eon 51 is that it has a stunning view of Saigon!

 photo 20131223_180532_zpsaf20cbaf.jpg

The whole place is surrounded with glass so you have an encumbered view of the cityscape.

 photo 20131223_182000_zpse59e292c.jpg

While waiting for our food, I went around the restaurant which was thankfully still empty so I had the luxury to take photos without bothering people. photo 20131223_182039_zps3555612f.jpg

Really terrific view! photo 20131223_182103_zpse53ddee9.jpg

I’ve been wanting to get up Bitexco for the longest time and finally got the chance! Thanks hun! photo 20131223_180923_zps1abc750a.jpg

So how’s Eon 51 in the mouthwatering meter? 4 out of 5 I think. The ambiance and view really got me too! πŸ™‚

Oh and I had a margarita! The last one I had was in 2010. I hope I didn’t get my youngest drunk. πŸ˜›

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2 Responses to Food Trip: Eon 51

  1. Nice post. Ouch. That’s $45 just for starters. I think “divine” works for this restaurant!

  2. That looks great, maybe my boyfriend will take me there in the future (:

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