Sky Jump

 photo 20140111_171023_zps250b1be9.jpgDoes your child have so much listless energy and you can’t keep up? I know mine are like Energizer bunnies.

Well, you might as well bring them to the Sky Jump Trampoline Park. This small establishment has trampolines for the little kids and the big kids. The price is 40,000-50,000 VND. I’m really not sure as I haven’t tried myself and most of the posters are in Korean. But it sure does look fun. At least the kids I’ve seen in there are having a grand time.

I don’t know for the life of me how one can jump for an hour but for kids, one hour may not be enough. Well, if you want to tire them out, this is the perfect place. While they’re on the trampoline, sit back, enjoy some peace and quiet, relax, and enjoy a cuppa coffee from the Dutch Cafe.

Sky Jump is in Sky Garden 3, Phu My Hung, District 7.

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7 Responses to Sky Jump

  1. Lisa says:

    Is that the price hourly? Would you happen to have an exact address. Don’t know my way around that area well.

  2. E J says:

    Took my daughter here today and she loved it. It’s really basic inside (just 2 big wall-to-wall trampolines on each side of the room), but with lots of room to jump around and a few balls to play with, she had a lot of fun. We paid 40,000 for an hour.

  3. vickie says:

    Is this still open?

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