More than an Inkling for Inking

So yesterday afternoon, everybody in the office was crowding around some hotshot. I wondered what the ruckus was all about and saw a notebook being passed around.
 photo 20140115_174339_zps0befbd6f.jpg
It was love at first sight! What a beautiful handwriting!

 photo 20140115_174347_zps06303ad5.jpgWhat was astounding was it was a freaking guy who wrote all these!!!!

 photo 20140115_174432_zpsf5e9d5ff.jpgWe of course wanted to make sure that he was indeed who he say he was. LOL. So using a dollar sixty five pen (35,000 VND), he started to write…

 photo 1012062_10152519066207646_1860479105_n_zps7339d618.jpg

His name is Hung and he did the writing and calligraphy for the gift cards our office was preparing.

 photo 20140115_174801_zpsef86d197.jpgThe art of calligraphy is not a lost art. I still appreciate beautifully written letters.  Wouldn’t it be great to receive a wedding invitation with your name exquisitely inked?

Call Hung at 0932927895.

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