Nha Khoa Lan Anh

 photo 20140111_120754_zpsba2a5db4.jpg

When moving to a new country, you just don’t take into consideration the food, the culture, the people, you also have to think about healthcare. That is a huge concern, especially for families with children. For us, we’ve found FV Hospital a reliable hospital. But that’s just us, okay? I send my kids there for check-ups, vaccination, and I myself have undergone 2 surgeries there. If you believe all the crap they say about FV Hospital, I guess we’re one of the lucky ones and I hope it stays that way. 😛

For dental needs, I’ve tried FV Hospital as well but the trouble is I can’t get a good schedule beyond work hours. So as recommended by friends, we tried Nha Khoa Lan Anh — which is actually a well-established dental clinic in Ho Chi Minh City. They’ve got 4 centers. I’m not sure how competitive their prices are so do let me know if you have other dental clinics in mind.

But for now, I highly recommend my dentist, Dr. Lan at Lan Anh, who does terrific work and makes me feel at ease.

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