Quan Bui

 photo 20140102_121247_zps943c76b8.jpgOn the first day of work for 2014, our office had lunch at Quan Bui.

 photo 20140102_131631_zpsfb75d542.jpg

It’s located in a 3-floor building with an open first floor.The second and third floors are ideal for big groups.

 photo 20140102_121403_zpsf38e4c4a.jpg

Our foodie certified office mate, Katrina discovered this place and ordered —

 photo 20140102_122231_zps386552ed.jpg

Not sure how these are called so I’ll just let the photos do the talking.

 photo 20140102_122643_zps3b21fb70.jpg

I promise you, the Vietanmese food is really, really good here!

 photo 20140102_124125_zpsaf1035de.jpg

You have got to try this place. And they serve brown rice! That’s pretty unusual around here to be served in a restaurant.

 photo 20140102_124529_zpsddbad2e1.jpg

Quan Bui
17A Ngo Van Nam , Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC
08 3602 2241 – 08 3829 1515

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