A Foggy Saigon Morning

 photo 20140125_062220_zps94e14521.jpg

Our Saturday morning bike group met up at 5:30 AM to start out early. The big guys would be doing a longer route after breakfast at Mimi’s. They covered around 60 kilometers and reached District 9. photo 20140125_062224_zps4802cd2a.jpg

As the sun rose, we noticed a thick white smoke near Parkson Paragon on the ground.

 photo 20140125_062556_zpsc78f8880.jpg

Of course it was fog. What else could it be? 😛 But it was so unusual in Saigon that I couldn’t recognize it at first. photo 20140125_062910_zpsdb3afac0.jpg

It was my youngest’s first bike ride and didn’t want to go through it. Err…not sure if it’s just a fog or smog. LOL.

 photo 1655868_10202882560805969_990194003_n_zpsf3e8ed7b.jpg

But it was an interesting ride yesterday. And really verrrry cold for Saigon. In the last 5 years we’ve been here, this is the coldest it has been.

(Last photo by Benjie Balbon)

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