It’s the Year of the Horse!

Nguyen Hue Flower Festival will be open to the public starting tomorrow, January 28 (7pm) till February 3, 2014 (10pm). This photo was taken a few days ago. I dropped by today and the place is all ready! There were some photo shoots going on.

 photo 20140124_110810_zpsbfa62cb2.jpg

Crescent has been ready for Tet since this weekend and the horses are reining! Get it reigning? Reining? 😛 photo 20140121_082544_zpsa3badec4.jpg

The people behind the designs are such geniuses! It’s just sad that after Tet, these displays will all be gone.
 photo 20140125_063515_zps7bf978c0.jpgOh well, time to take out those cameras and start shooting.

And if you’re wondering where the fireworks will be on the 31st, here’s the list:

Thu Thiem Tunnel (corner of Ton Duc Thang Street and Ham
Nghi Street, Dist. 2)
Nga Ba Giong Memorial Park (Hoc Mon)
Ben Duoc Memorial Park (Cu Chi)
Park of Culture and Ethnic History ( Dist.9)
Dam Sen Park (Dist.11)
Lang Le- Bau Co History Relic Zone (Binh Chanh Dist.)
Football Field Can Gio (Can Gio)

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