Things You’d Get On Tet

Apart from the bonus working people get for Tet, what else can you expect to get?

 photo LuckymoneyforTet_zps31fa2513.jpgLi Xi Money or Lucky Money. This one’s usually given to children by the adults.

But it’s not unusual to give Li Xi Money to people who work for you on a daily basis and if you’re feeling generous, why not extend to the lady cleaning up your condo common area? Or guard? Or your driver?

It is usually given in small red envelopes and money is usually new! Now I know why we had that much new bank notes delivered to the office the other day.

 photo 20140128_132228_zps4406c751.jpg

Ban Chung and Banh Tet.Β These are some Vietnamese delicacies that are served during Tet. These are made from sticky rice (glutinous rice), pork, and other ingredients. They are usually placed in the altar first to honor the ancestors.

Not too fond of these though as I don’t want to be surprised on what’s inside the sticky treat. πŸ˜›

 photo 20140122_171627_zpsfebdda4b.jpgGetting beautiful flowers for Tet is part of the tradition. For the North, its the pink blossoms called hoa dao and for the South, you’d usually see the yellow blossoms called hoa mai or the Vietnamese Mickey Mouse plant. If in Christmas, you have the Christmas tree, for Tet, its the flowers. Orchids are usually sent as gifts.

 photo image-4dc1c713a5c9645c4c906a66d8234d9769d111c54f64c10217bcd0d6e8077a6f-V_zpsd1fdd084.jpgGift baskets filled with food you can cook for the Tet celebration is usually given by employers to employees.

 photo 20140124_155040_zpsee0dc575.jpgFrom our office, I got a box of beer. πŸ˜› Errr….who wants some? Nobody really drinks in our house.

 photo 20140126_092459_zps0c2043a7.jpgWhat I like best though is getting vouchers from the grocery. 500,000 VND from Coop Mart —

 photo 20140126_091637_zpsdcfe4ec4.jpgand a million from Queenland!

So what about you? What have you received this season?

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