7 Reasons Why I Liked Ho Tram Grand

For our Tet getaway, we decided to just go to the nearest beach — Vung Tau. The last time we were here was in 2009 for Christmas. And even then, we chose the less crowded spot in Long Hai Beach.

This time, we decided to try the Ho Tram Grand (formerly known as MGM Grand until they left). It’s basically a resort for casino-going people which was quite odd for a country that disallows its citizens to gamble. 😛

 photo IMG_0217_zps5a0bb54a.jpg

What I liked about Ho Tram Grand?

1. Free shuttle bus. Yup, from Saigon to Ho Tram and back, you get free shuttle service. Plus with the opening of the HCMC-Long Thanh-Dau Giay Expressway, getting to Vung Tau was quite short. What used to be a 3-hour drive was cut to less than 2 hours. The bus attendant would give us a call to remind us about our reservation and departure time.

 photo 20140130_084823_zps158f0a4f.jpg

Pick up point is at the Kim Do Hotel along Nguyen Hue in District 1.

 photo 20140201_134121_zpsb51fac74.jpg
2. Booster seats. Aside from the baby chair in the restaurant, they also provide booster seats. I wish they provide strollers too because the hotel is huge and yes, we didn’t bring a stroller for our 1 year old.

 photo 20140130_115757_zpsc92927e4.jpg
3. Kids Corner and Teen Center.
For a fee (free for kids under 3 years old), you can stash your kid in the Kids Corner — which we did for Sam when he didn’t want to swim with us.

 photo 20140130_133048_zps7bd54c2d.jpg

100,000 VND for an hour or 200,000 VND for the whole day. Not bad if you don’t want a whiny kid in tow.

 photo 20140130_133058_zpsd138032b.jpg

The Kids Corner has lots of activities and even a nap corner!

 photo IMG_0302_zpsc172fd8d.jpg

For teens, there’s billiards, Wii, and a place to plug your laptop.

 photo 20140130_133113_zps73c67966.jpg 4. Pools! Because it’s Tet, there were a lot of people in the hotel but you can hardly see everybody because the place is spacious. You only get the idea of the number of guests during breakfast. So it’s terrific that they’ve got 1 ginormous infinity pool at 1.2m deep (yey!),

 photo IMG_0213_zpsbe0d4412.jpg

another 1.2m deep big pool cut into 2 so that the adults can swim in a safe distance while the kids are in the 0.5m deep pool, and another 0.5m deep pool just for the kids. And of course there’s the beach.

 photo 20140130_132153_zpsd23e641d.jpg

The best time to swim is after breakfast at 11 when the wind has died down and the weather ain’t too cold. Believe you me, we tried swimming at 4 pm, and it was freezing.

 photo IMG_0170_zps8c4726d8.jpg
5. The beach. Well-maintained and no other people from the next resort for miles.

 photo IMG_0173_zps20c0cf58.jpg

Lots of space to build sand castles, tramp on the puddles, and see starfishes. photo IMG_0175_zps465b5cff.jpg
6. Buffet Breakfast at the Ginger from 6 am to 11 pm. Hooray for people like us who wants to laze in the morning. There is an array of food from Vietnamese to Western dishes. We also tried their lunch buffet at 600kVND each. It was actually pretty good too. It’s free for kids under 6

 photo 20140130_132703_zpsd0adf4dc.jpg 7. Service with a smile. Sounds cheesy? But so true. Everybody working in Ho Tram Grand are warm and courteous people. No communication problem too as they can all speak English, Vietnamese, and Chinese. Well at least all the people I spoke to can all speak English.

 photo 20140130_112909_zps75d9e432.jpgIs the accommodation expensive? Um, yeah. But is it worth it? Definitely. Overall, we had a pretty relaxing holiday here in Ho Tram Grand. Wish we can still come back — if budget permits. 😛 It really is an awesome resort for a family.

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9 Responses to 7 Reasons Why I Liked Ho Tram Grand

  1. tranyenha says:

    I heard that the pool and beach are quite small but it looks not bad in your photos. Maybe I should try this year.
    Thanks for your sharing.

  2. Lyra says:

    You should go. The two pools in this post are big. Not sure how to convert in meters. 🙂 another half size is a pool for kids only. There is a loooong stretch of beach.

  3. ashley says:

    do you know if their golf course is open?

  4. Dandelly Nguyen says:

    The Bluffs Ho Tram just pens for Preview Play on Mar 14, 2014. I found info from their facebook http://goo.gl/OnaTXa . Hope it will help

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  8. Andy Lim says:

    Can I know how to go there by coach from HCMC,I don’t know how to speak Vietnamese as I have been scam before at HCMC,not so confidence to engage a taxi there.

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