Saigon Spring Flowers

 photo unnamed1_zps85a0ba74.jpgI love South Vietnam’s spring flowers called Ochna integerrima according to Wikipedia.

 photo unnamed_zpsc30964f9.jpgOr the hoa mai in Vietnamese or the English Mickey Mouse plant. Just found this odd bloom as it has white and yellow in one branch.

 photo unnamed2_zps0209a6fa.jpgDuring Tet, they’re all over the place!

 photo unnamed3_zpsdef08d59.jpgIf it’s Christmas trees or pines for Christmas, it’s these beautiful blooms for the Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

 photo 20140201_120919_zps8318c574.jpgIn the North, its the pink blooms. Those are pretty as well! We don’t see much of those down South.

 photo 20140201_120908_zps5b41364b.jpgWe should definitely get a plant for next year!

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1 Response to Saigon Spring Flowers

  1. Audrey Chin says:

    Hi there, Thanks for these lovely pictures.

    We live in Singapore but my Vietnamese husband planted 3 in our garden. There are different varieties. There’s the 4 season mai which has yellow flowers and then green fruit, red capsules and black seeds. There’s also the double-petalled one with 10 petals instead of 5. And my friend has an almost orange “saffron” colored ones. I know that in Saigon you can send your mai to a “mai nursery” and they trim it and everything and send it back to you in time for New Year all ready to bloom. Pity we don’t have that here. We got some blooms but nowhere near what we see in Saigon.

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