Off the Beaten Track

What started out as a 12 kilometer bike ride ballooned into 52 kilometers. Our group (8 adults and 2 kids) decided to head out early (read: 5:30 AM on a Saturday morning — troi oi!) to catch the ferry to Can Gio province. We (at least the girls in our group) thought we’d just cross to Can Gio, bike a little, turn around and head on back to Phu My Hung.

But no. The boys in our group had something else in mind.

So we crossed Nha Be River from the Pha Binh Khanh (port) at Huynh Tan Phat St. This was just a quick 5-minute ferry ride together with all the other motorbikes and cars.

 photo 882885_10200689399112512_345301566_o_zps8e8a1c05.jpg

Can you believe it just costs 1,000 VND for each bike?

 photo 1888563_10152574835617646_205358950_n_zps89ba9e59.jpg

We got off at Ben Pha port in Can Gio at around 7 am. The port have some vendors and small eateries when you can get a quick breakfast. But since it was still early, we decided to continue our ride.
 photo 62937_10152574836167646_1186702056_n_zps8e267a09.jpg

We biked right into the tip of the Can Gio reservation along Rung Sac road.
 photo 1888602_10152574412727646_1216458512_n_zps7d9d0fe5.jpgIt’s hard to believe that Can Gio was once was a victim of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War from 1961-1971 by the British and US Military.

 photo 1891251_10152574412607646_356431819_n_zpsdceb0dcd.jpg

The mangrove forest is immense and like no other I have seen in the Philippines and they’re thriving right beside the road!
 photo 1619514_10152574836467646_1142642888_n_zps2933cba9.jpg

I was quite surprised that a bus travels here from Cho Lon. And if you’re in Can Gio already, it would be nice to visit Monkey Island that opens up to the South China Sea but that’s another trip for another day. Thank God!

Rung Sac is a long road of around 36 kilometers that cuts across the Can Gio reservation. We just biked for 12 kilometers until we reached An Thoi Dong road and biked to the port (5 kilometers) that will get us across Nha Be River. Mark had a flat tire but luckily this area of Can Gio has lots of residents already. He found someone who helped fixed his tire.
 photo 1507609_10152574837257646_40660708_n_zps2e13ecd2.jpg

The ferry costs 3,000 VND for the bike and 3,000 VND for the rider. From there, we covered around 5 kilometers of Liep Ap 2 which was a real rough road.
 photo 1781658_10202994689489116_578971361_n_zps9b04fd89.jpg

Can’t imagine biking here during the rainy season — for sure, it’ll be some muddy ride. Our bikes were in it for a ride. Bearings got loose, hubby had to carry his fender and I passed two angry Dobermans chasing down a motorbike. I thank my lucky stars it wasn’t me. With just 5 kilometers, we passed several steep uneven bridges.
 photo 1624152_10202994689609119_1062121073_n_zpsdd2d8ebc.jpg

We hit Nguyen Van Tao in Nha Be and biked for 16 kilometers to Phu My Hung! Whew!!! By then it was almost 11 am with the sun’s heat beating against our backs and have passed our nth bridge!

 photo image-1ef91e897c0d38c1d38ab3909e953c251ecff36c53ce284568a1dc26b2b118f0-V_zpscb0043c9.jpg


Eat breakfast. Leaving at the crack of dawn and at the outskirts of the city, that leaves no place where you can really eat a good meal.

Bring water. Of course you should. My 750 ml lasted me till 24 kilometers. Good thing there was some lady at the corner of Rung Sac and An Thoi Dong roads selling drinks and a place to rest. We all of course refilled our water bottles.

 photo 1618454_10152574836267646_147815298_n_zps3aaebf16.jpg

Pee when you can. Boy was I glad that I stopped at the gas station before getting on the ferry. Our group had to pee at some areas of the reserve amidst jumping frogs. Sshhh!!!

Bring energy bars. I wasn’t really anticipating that it was going to be a long trip. Well, lesson learned, whether short or long, bring energy bars anyway.

Wear a face mask. Even if we biked through a non-polluted place, the face mask helps a whole lot from getting too hot.

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