The Macs Have Landed!

 photo 20140214_131956_zpsaeb4d15e.jpgNope. Not the big macs from the golden arches.

 photo 20140214_132008_zps46a240f0.jpg Nor those sleek machines from Apple.

 photo 20140214_132034_zps8131d2fb.jpg

I’m talking about these delicate yummy creations by Shirley Yanga. Oh yes I am. 🙂

Gave these for friends for yesterday’s Valentine’s celebration. Shirley is back and is ready to accept orders. Send her a message at

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1 Response to The Macs Have Landed!

  1. Shirley Yanga says:

    Thank you so much for your Valentine’s orders. I hope you and your friends loved it 😄

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