30 Kilometers of Nguyen Van Linh

It was Saturday once again and it was time to explore new areas in Saigon. We ended up not going very far away.
 photo 20140222_060509_zpsa38ffe17.jpgStrictly speaking, the whole length of Nguyen Van Linh is around 17 kilometers. From central District 7, we decided to bike towards Binh Chanh district and biked around 30 kilometers to and back and going over 16 bridges! YOWZAH!

 photo 20140222_060819_zps48e5d41b.jpgThat included in our stopover at the river near RMIT University.

 photo 20140222_065932_zpsf9a99530.jpgWhen we reached the end, there was a huge roundabout with no traffic lights at all. Waaaah!

 photo 20140222_070142_zps2c3e8bfb.jpgSo we decided to take a break, park our bikes as we mulled on how we’ll manage the roundabout. 😛

 photo 20140222_073544_zps1bb3095b.jpgWe left around 6 am and 15 kilometers later at 7 am, we were at the end of Nguyen Van Linh. So by 8 am, we were happily eating at Mimi’s.

 photo 20140222_073625_zps33573517.jpgWhat’s nice about the Nguyen Van Linh experience unlike Can Gio was that you still feel you’re part of the civilization and there were lots of people offering to “air” our tires. Like Can Gio, the roads are wide and not congested. There’s a lane especially for 2-wheels.

I think this is a terrific place to do biking during the weekdays except that I don’t feel too confident going the roundabout. 😛

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7 Responses to 30 Kilometers of Nguyen Van Linh

  1. Audrey Chin says:

    I gotta try this route. Thanks for the tipl.

  2. Tim says:

    Roundabouts are designed such that traffic signals are not required.

    • Lyra says:

      Um yeah. I was not complaining about not have traffic lights. I was merely stating a fact that roundabouts have so much traffic that its tricky to cross. We all have to get off the roundabout at one point.

  3. Ben says:

    So Finally, how did you get the roundabout and get back on Nguyen Van Linh? I think I will try this weekend. Nice blog !

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