Banh Flan

 photo 20140226_091921_zps6ba25c89.jpgMoving to Vietnam almost 5 years ago meant that not only were we leaving our family, but we’d also be cut of from comfort Filipino dishes that we have been used to.

Well I know, we can cook that from scratch. YEAH RIGHT! But isn’t much easier and better just to purchase your favorite dish? I mean it’ll probably be more expensive if I do the cooking and the fact that I’d have to wash all the dishes, pots, and pans as well. 😛

Okay so anyway, there are some food in Vietnam that closely resembles our food in the Philippines. Like the banh bo or puto, the hột vịt lộn or balut, and there’s the banh flan or leche flan. 🙂

 photo flan_zpsba55a449.jpg

The flan here in Vietnam is usually served in small cups. But for us Filipinos, that won’t simply do. We need to have it in a llanera or like this —- 😛

 photo 20140226_091933_zpsdc912599.jpgThis is the proper size of a flan. Enough said. 😀

To order, you can check out Panlasang Pinoy:

 photo 20140226_091926_zpscf01e843.jpg

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2 Responses to Banh Flan

  1. Yum! Paborito namin to! DAti yung friend nami na si Kim ang nagdadala nang Banh Flan sa bahay 🙂

  2. JASON LAM says:

    In Vietnam, banh Flan is often used with milk-coffee.

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