Bikes for Rent!

Phu My Hung is a popular destination for couples wanting to have their pre-nuptial photos done. With the quiet neighborhood, a number of gardens, parks, and wide open space it the ideal place to have photos taken without worrying that you’d get run over by a motorbike. 😛

So it’s not unusual to see couples especially on weekends come in their cars with their entourage, photographer, and make-up artist set their own mini-studio by the side of the road, complete with a make-shift dressing room. I know, I know I’d have to take photos of that. 😛

So anyway, Saturday, we decided to have our own photoshoot for our friends Soki and Ryan who were expecting their first child. I don’t know if this has caught on in Vietnam yet but in some other countries, including the Philippines, a maternity photoshoot is not unusual. I did two myself for both of my sons. Both were done by my good friend, Ging Lorenzo, who is one of Philippines well-respected family photographer.

 photo 20140301_090448_zpsdc817093.jpgOur photographer for the maternity photoshoot is Armi Deticio who did photos for my Universal Yoga post.

 photo 20140301_090820_zpsb6d1e8f8.jpgAfter an hour at Grandview, we decided to move to the Crescent area and came across this row of bikes.

 photo 20140301_085353_zps151a1864.jpgStunning bikes for rent for pictorials and if you just want to go around the area.

 photo 20140301_085343_zps4ebd01fb.jpgI was in love with the Canondale tandem bike until I got to try it and found it was difficult to maneuver. And this spider bike with 3 wheels —

 photo 20140301_091800_zpsb86378f9.jpg

We just had to rent them for the maternity photoshoot especially biking has become part of our lives here in Saigon. Ryan, Soki’s husband bike with us. And Soki too when she was still living in Manila.

 photo 20140301_090605_zps78f05413.jpgFor this bike with carriage, the rental cost is 200,000 VND for an hour while the rest of the other bikes is at 120,000 VND for an hour. Not bad!

 photo 20140301_085348_zps82e16fb4.jpgCall Anh Thao 0908694010 to rent. But he’s there every weekend! 🙂

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2 Responses to Bikes for Rent!

  1. Audrey Chin says:

    Thanks for this. I’m always discovering new stuff to do from your site:)

    • Lyra says:

      You’re welcome, Audrey! I can’t believe our luck too in finding the bikes. We had an awesome shoot! 🙂

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