Villa Song Saigon

Villa Song is a French-inspired hotel in Thao Dien, District 2 by the Saigon River. I first visited this place 2 years ago to attend a friend’s wedding. Since then, the place underwent a substantial renovation.

 photo 20140308_104303_zpsfe13fae9.jpgWe attended a children’s party here over the weekend.

 photo 20140308_104259_zpsaabea17a.jpgThe place really looked gorgeous, peaceful, and exclusive!

 photo 20140308_134014_zps505f0f0c.jpgWe were there from late morning till early afternoon and the sun was unforgiving but the Villa Song was breezy.

 photo 20140308_104246_zpsad813fa6.jpgI liked the indoor design as well and their bedrooms looked enticingly cozy. My son slept soundly.

 photo 20140308_100604_zps29dc3db9.jpgThere’s a quiet place to just sit and read.

 photo 20140308_100814_zps3e7ec099.jpgI just love the furniture.

 photo 20140308_135519_zpsf80e6a7f.jpgMore details —

 photo 20140308_135541_zpsec542f15.jpgThe reception area —

 photo 20140308_100955_zps2a504ed7.jpgQuite blurry but I love the unique chandelier —

 photo 20140308_100948_zps5ce50f15.jpgClose-up, these are bird cages —

 photo 20140308_101000_zps03fd4734.jpg

From what I remember from a seemingly chaotic wedding event 2 years, ago, the birthday party I attended was well-staffed and well-organized. The staff was courteous, professional and they were everywhere.

 photo IMG_0574_zpsf3dafb8e.jpgTheir function room was a reprieve from the hot outdoors.

 photo IMG_0575_zpscf344831.jpgAnd the food?

 photo IMG_0577_zpsee6e3e99.jpg5 out of 5 stars!

 photo IMG_0579_zps748c9647.jpgAng sarap! My friend requested for a vegetarian’s menu for some of the guests and that was good too!

 photo IMG_0584_zps7239d29a.jpgMy friend also hired a magician, but the kids loved this cook who did some amazing tricks as well with a pan, eggs, and lots of plates! My son can’t stop talking about him.

 photo IMG_0589_zpsc7adb75a.jpgVilla Song did an awesome job in helping organize the whole thing!

I wish there was a similar villa here in District 7 for functions.

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3 Responses to Villa Song Saigon

  1. Garry Garcia says:

    The Assistant General Manager there is a Filipina.

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