Life on Two Wheels

Back in Manila, a friend was ranting how irresponsible the guy he saw on a motorbike with a 5-year old (she thinks) as backride while on a busy street. If you’ve been to Manila, you know that a motorbike is not the usual transportation. People there hasn’t gotten used to seeing motorbikes and cars sharing the same road. Unlike in Vietnam. photo 20140312_173310_zps8a7eac7f.jpgThis is the HOLD ON TO ME position. LOL.

 photo 20140312_173103_zps4078719d.jpgThis is the SANDWICH position. 😀 You’ve got one younger kid protected and the older one left to fend for himself in a HOLD ON TO ME position. 😛

 photo 20140228_172841_zpsf4c94461.jpgThis is the LOOK MA, NO HANDS position!

 photo 20140228_172748_zps742064da.jpgThere’s also the LEAN ON ME or STAND BY ME position.

 photo 20140228_172614_zps1c47a87c.jpgSorry for the blur. As you can see, this is two adults with two kids. Yup! The lady at the back is holding a baby.

 photo 20140217_175404_zps7bd51e3e.jpg

If you think three’s a crowd, what about 5?

 photo 20140228_170943_zpsfe74a5b5.jpgWhen all else fails, you can use a baby carrier.

Some may look irresponsible but this is the way of life here in Vietnam. And it’s important to know that the speed limit in most streets is just 40kph. The bigger roads at 60kph.

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