New World Hotel

 photo 20140313_124457_zps06d19aa3.jpgI haven’t stayed at New World Hotel in Saigon. But I know of a few friends who have.

 photo 20140313_124509_zps7bf92168.jpg

Last weekend, a fellow n@wie, Janet, stayed there with her mom and they left a bag of cloth they bought here. Upon learning that they left the bag, Janet immediately informed New World Hotel who in turn kept the bag for them. I was able to retrieve the bag this morning with no fuss. Well, they asked for my passport but since I am a resident, I don’t usually bring my passport. I have to admit that it crossed my mind to bring it because I knew I may be asked for it when retrieving Janet’s bag. But then again, I forgot. 😛

Good thing, New World attendants approved my proof of identification that I had with me (just a couple of bank cards). I left them my address should they need further identification.

 photo 20140313_124532_zps5760cd7f.jpgThanks New World for the no fuss transaction!

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