I’ve been hearing so much about Kidzania from mommy-friends abroad and was wondering if there was something similar here in Vietnam. And then I remembered coming across a blog post long ago about Kizciti. photo IMG_0809_zpsa13ea01b.jpgWith Spring Break, I decided to gather my son’s friends and ask their parents if they want to bring them to Kizciti. Almost 5 years here and with Kizciti practically right in the next district, it was a wonder why we haven’t explored the place.

 photo IMG_0814_zps67e7f07d.jpgYou can get tickets online but I called them up and they said, we can very well just drop in and buy on the day. Regular weekday price of tickets is at 180,000 VND for each kid and 20,000 VND for an adult. When we went, we only paid 170,000 VND for one kid and one adult. During the weekends, it’s 220,000 VND for each kid.

 photo IMG_0825_zps8c96807c.jpgUpon entrance, kids will be given a bracelet which is used to tag them for each job or entertainment they engage in Kizciti. Each kid also has a passport with their age and the list of places they can visit.

 photo IMG_0946_zpseacaf515.jpgThere were 31 stuff to do but I promise you, you can’t finish that all in one session. Sessions by the way are split into two: 9 am – 3:30 pm and 4 pm to 9 pm.

 photo IMG_0898_zps03836625.jpgThe currency in Kizciti is Kizo. Each kid will be given 20 Kizo upon entrance. For every work done, the kid can get a salary and if you choose entertainment, you’d have to pay up.

 photo IMG_0959_zps7c0aea5b.jpgFor every area, you’d find the above by the entrance, showing the maximum capacity of the area, number of minutes the activity will take, the age appropriate for the activity and whether you have to pay up or your kid will get a salary. By the way, Kizciti is best for kids from 3-15. For kids under 3, you can stay here while the other kids go make their rounds:

 photo IMG_0952_zps7384bbf6.jpg

It was a weekday when we went and at 9 am, there wasn’t much kids running around but by 10 am, lots of schools started to pour in. It is a popular area for field trips. But luckily, the place had enough space for everyone. photo IMG_0953_zps8fe9c3d8.jpgKids have to queue to wait for their turn.

 photo IMG_0830_zpse6db5771.jpgThe Fire Department is the kids’ favorite. I have to say it’s my favorite too!

 photo IMG_0832_zps930cc9d8.jpgKids will go in the “department” to be briefed of their roles and get ready for work. Adults are not allowed inside but the front of each area is made of glass so we can all see through them.

 photo IMG_0831_zpsb04c486a.jpgAfter briefing, then it’s off to work. Vietnamese is the language here although the attendants try their best to translate in English. The kids are able to catch on pretty quickly so language isn’t much of a problem.

 photo IMG_0845_zps527fbf0c.jpgThe kids had to douse the fire from the burning building. It had real smoke coming out!

 photo IMG_0861_zpsc19bcbaa.jpgThere are lots of jobs to choose from. Kids can be pilots or stewardess at the flying school. photo IMG_0871_zpsba0cf13a.jpgTry baking. They get to eat cookies too!

 photo IMG_0878_zpsd0d6d42f.jpgMid-session, all the Kizcitizens took a break and danced to Live While We’re Young.
 photo IMG_0884_zps319fd852.jpg

The kids get to try working at the radio station too.
 photo IMG_0896_zps4318ef3e.jpgThe kids worked at the Audi Car shop too.

 photo IMG_0890_zps209c6438.jpg

A proper Vietnamese Kizciti wouldn’t be complete without football — photo IMG_0901_zps6c12d787.jpgThe kids did a bit for farming or rice milling too.

 photo IMG_0903_zpsc86575c3.jpgThere was an actual rice paddy at the bag complete with araro.

 photo IMG_0911_zps1bee7434.jpgSam went to the Children’s Clinic right beside the hospital and learned how to take care of babies.  photo IMG_0932_zps686def4e.jpgThey watched the birth process — I saw him covering his eyes, gave the baby a bath, dressed, fed, and burped the baby.

 photo IMG_0939_zpse2ff7d70.jpgThere was also the Kiz Court —

 photo IMG_0934_zps6c6b44db.jpgThe Police Station —

 photo IMG_0935_zps1e98b073.jpgSam tried the Magic School but wasn’t too happy. He said there was only one trick that was taught. 😛

 photo IMG_0943_zps4cc52ea1.jpgThere’s also the Beauty Center which the girls tried.

 photo IMG_0950_zps1e44c969.jpgThey kids were paired and taught how to apply make-up. 😛

 photo IMG_0954_zpsdada9deb.jpgThe kids at the Fashion Center actually did a fashion show!

 photo IMG_0951_zps3a09dc6e.jpg

They had clothes to choose from and were taught to pose. photo IMG_0967_zps44301ae7.jpg
Sam wen to the Ice Cream Shop and consumed ice cream too.

 photo IMG_0956_zps16928f47.jpgSome of the kids signed up for the military.

 photo IMG_0969_zps47240f47.jpgThere were lots more including the Water Factory, Milk Factory, Bank, Flash Mob <<< I kid you not! I actually felt for the lady teaching the kids how to dance. Imagine teaching the same dance to a different set of kids every 20 minutes for 6 hours. I just hope there’s someone substituting her!

 photo IMG_0970_zpsbe9c5924.jpg

For leisure, the kids can go play golf and watch a movie!

 photo IMG_0971_zps42b7d4fa.jpgWe didn’t get to try everything and looks like we’d be coming back to finish the job. 😛

Oh and kids can hold parties here too!

Khanh Hoi Park, District 4, HCMC


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11 Responses to Kizciti

  1. lidiaescribe says:

    Nice!! I bought discount tickets for Vietopia, just in D7, in…with the help of a Vietnamese friend, of course! It is similar to Kidzcity but it is indoors…very convenient for the hot weather!

  2. helpinghow says:

    AWESOME Lyra!!! Helping Orphans Worldwide, HOW are BIG, GIANT FANS OF KIZCIT AND YOU!!! We love your photos and your reporting as usual. LOVE ALL OF US FROM HOW!! XXO

  3. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three emails with the same comment.

    Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Bless you!

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  6. Abs says:

    I visited Kizciti yesterday. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves but it has not been well-maintained. I was with an infant and had to take her out of the ball pool area because it was filthy – and my standards aren’t that high, believe me.
    The staff were OK most of the time, but a couple of sessions were manned by people who really couldn’t be bothered.
    I’d try Vietopia next time hoping for a better experience.

  7. Marie says:

    I am currently writing an article on perfect places for birthday kids parties for (in french). Can I use one of your pictures in this article (i will credit your blog) ? Thanks by advance.

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