A couple of weeks ago during the kids’ spring break, we explored Kizciti. Kizciti has been open since 2011. It is located in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Then we heard about Vietopia. photo IMG_1049_zpsaa66c7db.jpgVietopia opened late last year and according to Thanh Nien news, is the largest edutainment center at 30,000 sqm. And speaking of Thanh Nien, they’ve also sponsored a spot in Vietopia. 🙂

 photo IMG_1085_zpsc932f9dd.jpgAccording to the same news, Vietopia had to get sponsors to keep the ticket price affordable. Ticket price for kids between 4 to 15 years old is 190kVND (~9USD) on weekdays (Tuesday to Thursday) and 280kVND (~13USD) on weekends (Friday – Sunday). They’re closed on Mondays. Adult ticket price is 45kVND (~2USD). photo IMG_1052_zps5e3c5480.jpgThe entrance is designed like that of an airport where you’d get your boarding pass in exchange of the Vietopia bracelet. But nope, those X-ray machines don’t work. 😛

 photo IMG_1057_zpse963669f.jpgKids will get their cheque of 20 Vido which they’d need to have exchanged at the bank.

 photo IMG_1058_zpsa68a9646.jpg

Just a side story of our “entrance” experience in Vietopia. I was disappointed on how we were treated. We were one of the first people in the morning and got in line entrance no. 01 above. Before us were our friends with 1 adult, 1 baby, and 1 child. When it was our turn, we were 2 adults, 1 baby, and 1 child. So you can imagine that they only have 5 tickets on their table. They got confused and didn’t give my nanny her Vietopia bracelet. They kept insisting that she didn’t pay! My nanny is Vietnamese so I knew she could handle the situation but the attendants at Vietopia just couldn’t think of COUNTING their tickets. They got frazzled easily and we were just the second batch of people coming in. After my nanny got sorted out, they again forgot that they already took the tickets of our friends behind us. What the? So came another round of argument. <insert roll eyes here> photo IMG_1062_zpsca9a14ba.jpg

It was not a good start of our day. But hey, it was the kids’ day so we hurried inside and got their cheque exchanged for Vido. photo IMG_1200_zps4cbd5f7f.jpgEach kid would get 20 Vido. Like Kizciti, you pay for entertainment or school and get paid if you do work.

 photo IMG_1136_zps40d3537e.jpgThe central square is huge. Our toddlers had a fun time running around this area. And although it’s the weekend, there weren’t a lot of people. I guess this place hasn’t caught on yet. We were actually the only foreigners in this place. photo IMG_1064_zpse7c4062c.jpg

The waiting time per job or entertainment was more due to the fact of the rules that there’s a stop time in between sessions. photo IMG_1087_zps20b724bf.jpg

And each can only accommodate 10 people. In an hour, a kid can participate in 2 activities — which felt kinda slow compared to Kizciti. photo IMG_1050_zps86274c08.jpg

But I have to admit that I like the attention the kids get. Each activity was explained well and the kids really get to participate. With less than a year in operations, the facility is new and the kids had a fun time exploring. The plane came in with flight simulator.

 photo IMG_1095_zps3993c071.jpgThe Fire Station is always popular.

 photo IMG_1094_zpsa1ded474.jpgI think I was more excited than the kids. I wish adults can play too!

 photo IMG_1092_zpsdf6bf2dc.jpgMinus the smoke which Kizciti had, the burning hotel looked cool. 😛

 photo IMG_1187_zps9bdc49f3.jpg

Pepsi and Mirinda have their own factories here.

 photo IMG_1096_zpse70dbfca.jpgThe kids were taught how to clean the bottle, dry, inspect, fill the bottle with caffeine and water, seal, and label.

 photo IMG_1115_zps32972007.jpgMy son who has yet to taste his first soda was ecstatic to make his first Pepsi.

 photo IMG_1122_zpsca193187.jpgThe kids had to work so they tried electrical work which earned them 10 Vido.

 photo IMG_1128_zps59bb60b3.jpgComplete with hard hats, tool boxes, and warning devices, the kids went to work.

 photo IMG_1145_zpsb5872808.jpgFor working at the emergency of the hospital, you get 15 Vido.

 photo IMG_1154_zps98539c7c.jpg

The kids get to try to do CPR. photo IMG_1310_zps82810e50.jpgThe kids did some Car Designing too.

 photo IMG_1153_zpse0ad9fe5.jpg

The attention to details is awesome! photo IMG_1206_zps492a28e8.jpgThe kids filled up the cars.

 photo IMG_1220_zpsb2ce72af.jpgThe train station is for bigger kids and they are taught how operate the train via a simulator.  photo IMG_1232_zps3470f632.jpgThere’s a driving school too and race track. You have to go through the driving school first before you get to race. photo IMG_1190_zpsed314d29.jpg

For leisure, there’s wall climbing —

 photo IMG_1301_zpsb7c417a8.jpgThe kids were looking forward to do some golfing and 3D Cinema like in Kizciti but I think the other attractions here pretty much makes up for those.

 photo IMG_1278_zpsc18cd2b3.jpg

There’s a Science Space Institution and the Archaeological Research Institute — photo IMG_1276_zpsa5d1313c.jpgThe kids learned about recycling in the Environment Research Institute —

 photo IMG_1245_zpsee413106.jpg

They were prepped too — photo IMG_1251_zps3aee0cf8.jpgThey did some baking at the Choco Pie Factory.

 photo IMG_1290_zps4f9aee63.jpgAnd also tried grinding coffee at the Coffee Factory —

 photo IMG_1236_zps62a443e8.jpgI also saw an English Center. The teachers were native English speakers. 😀

 photo IMG_1316_zpse71720ab.jpgMy little one had to stay at the play area upstairs for kids 3 years old and below.

 photo IMG_1142_zps08f95fb2.jpgThere’s a working microwave oven so we just heated Rafael’s food (from home) here for his lunch.

 photo IMG_1143_zps218e9ba9.jpgMy nanny said, you can actually ask milk here. But we’re not so fond of formula companies. But hey, thanks for sponsoring this area.

What were in Kizciti that weren’t here? There was an actual kiddie football field in Kizciti, golf, and farming (complete with rice paddy, rice mill, and pond where you can feed the fish). But there are lots that you can’t find in Kizciti in Vietopia. The air conditioning is a plus now that we’re into the hot summer months.

The food here is good too and not at all expensive, same in Kizciti. Actually, in Ho Chi Minh City, the food is always affordable in amusement parks — even in Suoi Tien.

The kids had a blast at Vietopia and we’d gladly come back but we hope we could catch those vouchers as the cost was quite steep — especially if you have more than 1 kid.

02-04 Đường số 9 Khu Đô Thị Mới
Him Lam, P. Tân Hưng, Q.7, TP.HCM
(08) 6264 1777


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12 Responses to Vietopia

  1. I go past Vietopia everytime I pick my wife up from work on the way home, and I’ve always wondered what it’s like inside.

    Thank you, now I know!

  2. claire says:

    hello ate lyla. I’d like to ask about the nanny that you have with you. How did she come to your employ? I’m planning to hire one sana to help me when I give birth for several months cguro or I may keep her longer. So I’m wondering whether yours is a filipina or a vietnamese? Can I possibly find a filipina nanny in HCMC and are there agencies which provide or may be some recommendations on how to get a trustworthy and experienced one especially with newly born.. thanks a lot and hope to hear from you soon… salamat po

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  5. Jannie Tan says:

    Hi, may I know if the staffs speak good English or explain in English for the play stations? I am bringing my 6 yr old daughter to Ho Chi Minh next week, this is our first visit to Vietnam & I knew nothing much about the place or language! Do you have any advice on a good Christmas Eve buffet dinner that’s is kids friendly? Thank you!

    • Lyra says:

      Hi Jannie,

      The staff at Vietopia speaks good English but I must say we usually bring our kids together with other English speaking kids. If say your daughter goes in with a Vietnamese group, most probably the staff will speak in Vietnamese to explain the activity to everybody. But once the task has to be done, I’m sure the staff will assist.

      On the Christmas Eve buffet, all the hotels in District 1 are pretty good. Try Sheraton (Dong Khoi), Intercontinental Hotel (Le Duan corner Hai Ba Trung), Caravelle (Lam Son Square corner Dong Khoi), Riverside Renaissance/Marriott (Hai Ba Trung). Caravelle and Intercon are highly recommended.

  6. Jannie Tan says:

    Hi Lyra, thank you so much! I am now in HCM & my girl has been coping well with the traffic! I will check on Caravelle for Xmas Eve dinner since it’s very near my hotel. Will visit Vietopia on Thursday. Is Christmas Day a public holiday in Vietnam? Worry that Vietopia will be closed or crowded…

    • Lyra says:

      Hi. Christmas is not a public holiday. Pretty sure Vietopia will be open. On the crowd, it ia a huge place so it never feela crowded.

  7. Abs says:

    Great review. For a visitor who has to choose one, would you say this or Kizciti is better (in October)?

    • Lyra says:

      HI! I’d go for Vietopia.

      • Abs says:

        I visited Kizciti yesterday. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves but it has not been well-maintained. I was with an infant and had to take her out of the ball pool area because it was filthy – and my standards aren’t that high, believe me.
        The staff were OK most of the time, but a couple of sessions were manned by people who really couldn’t be bothered.
        I’d try Vietopia next time hoping for a better experience.

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